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Travel: NYC

July 29, 2014

Clogs Urban Outfitters //Cut offs F21 // blouse vintage // Sunglasses Urban Outfitters 



Grainy but good … 


Clogs Urban Outfitters // Gap dress similar // Bag  East Urban // Horse Bit Cuff  EastUrban  //





Dress c/o EverMiCrush // Wedges Similar// both bag  EastUrban// bangle c/o  EastUrban//
Sunglasses RayBan





We typically hate guide-book organized tours and basically any agenda outside of just plain exploring. And there really isn’t any better place to explore than the Big Apple. Our first foray took us to the basement of The Plaza Hotel food court that boasted the best veggie burger around. Hands down. Also recommended is lunch in Bryant Park … perfect for people watching, if you’re into that sort of thing. Exploring New York City for four full days with my better half, best friend and creative counterpart was nothing short of magical. Reid, my husband and architect buff gave me building tutorials, took me on a search for every Intelligentsia coffee house known to man and insisted we walk the Highline e-v-e-r-y day despite the fact that I was wearing heels. Oops. I also met up with the crazy talented Laura Brenaman, owner of Bukin Booties and concept-weaver at Ralph Lauren. The tour of RL was like pulling away the curtain at the theatre to reveal backstage feather-boas, gorgeous hand-sketches and vintage leather jackets. Sadly, no pictures were allowed inside the building, but it’s all as clear as day in my head. I’m still dreaming of their inspiration boards!  But I especially enjoyed the rare moments that we got to finish each other’s sentences without wiping oatmeal off the floor, the noted absence of both the dreaded “What’s for dinner?” question and general buzz of interruption a big family affords. Quiet is underrated. For once, it was just us being content with daily work outs (his) and sleeping in (mine). All of which made heading home difficult on that toasty sun-drenched morning in Chelsea. So much yet to explore! Next time, we’ll bring the kids and we just may need a guide book.



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