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{fashion + contest} bright white musthave

January 27, 2015


Gotta love chipped nails

Can.not. resist this face. Ever.
Even if he stole a bunch of applesauce squeezers from Starbucks and ran off.


 White buttondown (size small) // Jean // Boots Similar // Bag Neena & Co // Hat

After school today, my cabin feverish crew and I spent some time at the mall. Caffeine addiction carefully maintained between runs into Zara and Anthropologie. How else? Their patience and “library voices” were rewarded with prizes from the gumball machine. Although not all earned the reward, let’s not get technical. Half the fun is putting the quarters in, right?! Well, it obviously helped since I found the perfect white button down with length past the hips and incredibly soft. Win. I love a fabric that moves. I also picked up a pair of Pilcro’s. Win again. Speaking of which, for those of you into contests, Instagram a snap of you in your  Pilcro jeans with #anthropologie and #prettyinpilcro from now until January 30th for a chance to win the grand prize of three free Pilcro pairs + $500 worth of clothing, or one of ten runners up prizes of a free Pilcro pair (open to US and Canada residents only). Now, back to my gumball sugar-high crew that needs to get to bed. Stat.


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