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{lifestyle} Essential oils

April 11, 2015

He was rolling it on like lipstick

For my birthday this year, Reid got me exactly what I asked for: an essential oil diffuser. Nice work hubby! Ever since, we’ve been using it most mornings and any chance I can get to infuse some calming (key word) scents like lavender, into our busy home. And the stress roller, as pictured above, is a lifesaver that fits perfectly in my bag. And while I’d like to think I’m devoid of stress in my life, ha! I seem to find an excuse most days to roll it on for a calming woodsy aroma. Although I am quite new to this, Ashley at Evening Grace Essentials gave me a quick guide to her favorite oils and how to use them: 

Vetiver is grounding, calming and stabilizing. It helps promote focus, and studies have shown it beneficial for children with ADD/ADHD. You can apply it behind your ears, on the inside of your wrists, or back of the neck.
Stress away is a gentle blend that helps with normal everyday stress, improves mental response, promotes relaxation, and brings a feeling of peace and tranquility to children and adults. It helps relieve daily stress and nervous tension. You can apply it on your feet, inside of wrists, back of neck. I actually wear it as perfume most days. And it can be applied throughout the day.
Lavender my personal favorite, is a calming oil used to help with sleep, stress, PMS, skin conditions, burns, nervous tension and congestion. For sleep, we rub this with a dab of coconut oil on our feet or chest. I also love diffusing it. However, you can apply it where ever you might need it. For congestion, I rub a little diluted with coconut oil on the bridge of the nose and inside the nose with a Q tip. It seems to help get “stuff” out.
Thieves is a big immune booster. We apply it to our feet every night. And hourly if someone is sick. You can also mix it in a glass spray bottle with a little witch hazel and water for a surface spray. It’s so versatile! Now, it’s your turn, which is your favorite? How do you use your oils?

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