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After announcing our move, I received many questions, so I thought I’d share the answers here in more detail. Who doesn’t love a good Q&A session? Let me know if I missed anything!

Thanks for your support. We are thrilled. Also read more about our new home in the SNEAK PEEK blog post.

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How big is the house? Will the kids have to share rooms?

The house has 4 bedrooms. Given our family size, the boys will share one room and the girls will share another, which allows us to designate one room as a guest room and office space. It’s not perfect, but this setup balances our need for personal space and practicality. Our girls will miss having their own rooms.

How did you find it?

Reid was searching for cabins on Zillow when he decided to expand the search area by clicking “remove boundary.” That’s when this amazing house popped up. It was an unexpected find, but it immediately caught our interest with its unique features and potential.

What room are you most excited about?

It’s hard to choose just one room because the whole house is filled with features I love. The filtered light throughout the house is beautiful and creates a warm atmosphere. The stairway is perfect for photo shoots, which is great for our creative projects. The kitchen’s proximity to the patio and pool is ideal for both everyday living and entertaining. And the city views are simply breathtaking. Overall, it’s the combination of all these things that excites me the most about the house and reminds me of our Pasadena house.

What are you not looking forward to?

The biggest challenge will be changing schools for the kids. With five children, there’s a substantial amount of paperwork and applications required whenever we switch schools or make any significant changes. It’s a lot to handle, but we know it will be worth it once we find schools that are a good fit for our kids and our new lifestyle. Any tips to finding new schools, hit me up!

Will you do any renovations?

Yes, we have a few renovation plans. We need to build closets since the previous owner didn’t install any, as the house was primarily used for photo shoots and short-term rentals. The gym also needs a glass window and door for better functionality. In the kitchen, we plan to replace the peninsula with an island to improve the flow and usability of the space. However, this is part of our long-term plan. In the meantime, the space is great as it is, with tons of natural light and quartz countertops.

Why aren’t there any closets?

The previous owner used the house primarily for photo shoots and short-term rentals, so there wasn’t a need for traditional storage solutions like closets. This setup worked for their purposes, but we will need to adapt the space to fit our large family and everyday needs.

Are the kids excited?

Yes, the kids are very excited! They’re looking forward to settling into the new house and making it their own. The change is big, but their enthusiasm makes the transition easier for everyone.

What are some of your interior design inspirations?

I’ve been deeply inspired by the works of architect Tadao Ando, whose projects exemplify minimalism and brilliance. His use of space and light is something I aspire to replicate. Additionally, I love incorporating bold art pieces that stand out against concrete and neutral backgrounds. This combination creates a modern yet warm and inviting atmosphere in the home.

Did I miss anything? Add it to the comments below!