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Puffer jacket on repeat

by Shalice Noel

puffer in sz 4 // leggings in small long // tank in small // samba in mens 8, women’s 9

I have the privilage of going to the LTK conference this week and I’m bringing this care e on set. SoCal turned chilly this week, is that fall? Either way, I’m loving the need for a puffer jacket.

I look forward to soaking up new experiences, learning new skills and making new friendships. It is never too late.

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Fall fashion: a pop of Red

by Shalice Noel

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 and bralette // 10 // 11/

This fall you’d have to live under a rock to not see that RED is the color of the season. Here are 11 excuses to bring it into your wardrobe. Maybe you have a favorite maxi skirt and need a red bomber to make the outfit pop. I see lots of French vibes and I love it. Do as the French, and add that much needed pop of red.

How would you add it?

x Shalice

1 // Ruched top and bottom in small 2// Skirt / $11 Tank / Samba 3 // Tank / Sweater in small / Skirt / Samba

4// Grey trench in XS 5// LA sweatshirt, sold out Jeans are sz 26/2

6// Seamless top in small, Sloane pants in 26, fit is tts.

I fell in love with so many pieces from Abercrombie like satin skirt! I’ve been looking for one that is long enough, and without a slit. I LOVE these pieces. I included the sizes I tried on.

Use code AFLTK for 20% off

Vest // Blazer sz 4 // Weston Pants (tip: size down) // Loafers similar //

How’s your week? I’ve busy planning Levi’s first birthday party, managing school, work and it has been a full week! Shop my vest, blazer and pants look here in direct links and shop the post widget. I love hearing from you all. I compiled 3 big parenting tips that helped my week go more smoothly. Could you add one or two? I’d love to hear from you.

More plaid blazers

3 parenting tips for this week:

  1. Make a special snack or dessert. We picked up the cinnamon roll cake box from Trader Joes and it was not only a huge hit but also a motivation to finish school work and chores.
  2. Put music on! I play classical or praise music. It sets the tone at home.
  3. Give your teen and yourself grace. The truth is, you’re both going through a lot of changes. The challenges our teens face in school, and even physically are a lot. Our teens especially faces a lot of change with a cross country move (read more about that here). I had to preach to myself this week to give myself and my children grace. There is peace in that affirmation. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength – Phil 3:14.

It’s your turn, how could you add to this list, anything positive happened this week that happened as a result of a new habit or a new encouragement? I’d love to hear.

Shot on location in Los Angeles

Photography: Felicia Lasala

Hair and makeup: Morgan Grimes

Home links

glasses victoria beckham // washable silk robe camisole sleep pants and eye mask from haven well within // slippers birdie similar // mug // modular sofa // chesterfield sofa RH // Boucle pillow balls

Felicia came over to take pictures of the house and Lucca our golden doodle stole the show! We absolately love being back in California. What do you think of our new space?

It feels so good to be home. Shop my washable silk pjs below.

Hair and makeup: Morgan Grimes

Photography: Felicia Lasala

Los Angeles, CA

Fall Home Decor

by Shalice Noel

1 Arch brass floor lamp / 2 Modular sofa / 3 Art / 4 Throw blanket / 5 Bouclé Pillow Balls / 6 Swivel Chair / 7 Scented Candle / 8 Ceramic Vase / 9 Faux Florals / 10 Chesterfield Sofa

It’s like it switched to pumpkin and scented candle season overnight! Here are some of my favorite home fall decor finds like my modular couch that surprisingly works in our California spanish, classic arch lamp and faux florals to warm up a space. Which is your favorite?

2 weeks moved into our new home in California and I scheduled a brow appointment. Read more about our move here.

Not just any appointment. My make-up artist Morgan Grimes suggested I get a brow tint and shape. I got a lot of questions about my experience yesterday, so I wrote about it below.

What is a brow tint and shape?

The brow artist essentially color “tints” your brows a desired color, I chose a shade darker than my hair color but you can discuss this with your brow artist ahead of time. Along with tinting my brows a darker shade to make them look “colored in,” she also shaped my brows. First, she outlined them, like a stencil and showed me how they looked before she went in to wax and pluck them. Since I recently used retinol products on my face, she suggested that we tweeze the hairs at the top of my brows, since waxing after retinol can thin the skin. I had no idea!

I can’t remember the last time I had my brows shaped. She went a shade darker than my hair and shaped my brows using waxing method (at the lower part of my brows) and tweezing on the top portion of my brows. My right eyebrow has been thicker and making my right eye more hooded, so I knew that I needed a professional to even them out. Keep in mind, your brows are supposed to look like cousins, not twins. Around 30 min later, I felt like Brooke Shields with a new set of brows. Knowing that I have 5 kids and barely any time for myself most days, you girls know I’ll gladly take any shortcuts. I’ll see her in 6 weeks and look forward to that nice quiet time laying flat on her table without any child asking me to cut their apple or help with homework. When was the last time you got your brows done?

Wylder Esthetics in South Pasadena, CA.

This post was not sponsored and simply my personal opinion and experience.
(213) 347-5105

Fall is my favorite season to dress for! The layers, the cardigans, the wide leg pants and belts get me so excited!

Home is a Place

by Shalice Noel

Since moving last week, I realized home is a physical place. Read about that post here. I agree, home is where your immediate family is, but it is also a physical place that feels like home. Being back at our old stomping grounds in Los Angeles feels familiar with many good memories. We are thrilled to be back, including our kids who are begging to go to Lido and Laguna Beach.

We also learned that a place can bring our your worst and best. For us, California brings out our best. Maybe it’s the perennial sun, the business parters, or the friends we left here? All reasons that make this location feel more familiar. Despite the tax implications of this move, home brings out our best.

Are you home? Do you agree, home is a physical place and some places just feel more like home?

Chat soon,


We left Georgia on a dark Thursday morning and arrived in SoCal on Monday. It was an intense 3 days of driving and one day of resting with family in Nebraska. What a journey it was! Thankfully we missed hurricane Hillary and drove straight to the house. We’ve been unpacking, waiting for furniture, internet, and having friends over to swim. No complaints here.

I thought it was interesting that the same friends who have been over to swim said that we were the only family they knew who moved away and then returned. To be honest, we like being the forerunners. We are predicting more boomerangs to come.

To those asking about school, before we left, the kids had a slow start to school in Georgia. We will place them back in charter like they were when we left two years ago. I’m praying for a smooth transition back.

I feel like we were blessed to have a second chance coming back to California where we thrived for almost 6 years. 

For those of you wondering why we moved and why so fast, read all about it HERE.

Tomorrow, movers move in our furniture and I’ll be posting a house tour shortly.

Hope you have a lovely weekend. Follow the blog and socials for updates!

xx Shalice

@Shalice Noel


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