new home

As a family, we joke that we’ve lived in a variety of unique homes: the Chicago Salt Box, the California Craftsman, the A-Frame, the James Bond House, a Beach House, a Modern Farmhouse, and a Mediterranean. Which one was your favorite? With such a diverse housing background, finding our next home was a challenging task to top our past experiences. In fact, it took us two long years of searching. After many lost offers and not finding anything we loved, we gave up last year and ended up renting.

Now, as our lease is about to expire, we are thrilled to announce that we have found our next home.

It’s spectacular.

This home has a character of its own, and we are currently deciding on a name. It’s between “DUNE HOUSE” and “Villa Brute.” Which one do you prefer? What do you think, does it remind you of our Pasadena house? It does to me.

Let me know in the comments.

This 1970s architectural icon has left us in awe. When we tell people it’s a brutalist design, they are often shocked – and we love the shock factor. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter, blog, and follow us on Instagram for updates.

Chat soon,