Whether you’re planning on spending the fourth of July on the water, the rooftop, or behind the wheel of the Volkswagen bus (my personal favorite), we have the outfit for you. Thankfully, these items happen to be crazy versatile and can be worn well into September 4th. Summer weekends, long nights (and oh so tiring days) here we come. Watermelon and sunscreen not shown.

1. Hat

2. Necklace

3. Striped Top (I also like THIS)

4. Red Bandana

5. Cutoffs (I also like THESE )

6. Platform sandals 

Outfit 2 / /

1. Long necklace

2. Edge leather bracelet

3. Tassel bracelet

4. White dress (on sale!)

5. Red sandal (I also like this black heel)

Outfit 3 / / /

1. Necklace

2. Fringe Bag

3. Playful blue romper (also like this one in white)

4. Weekend Sandals (on sale!)