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I recently did a shoot for UK Magazine GATE Magazine UK wearing Tatiana Karelina hair extensions. It was so fun to transform a look with this gorgeous braided hair! Honestly, I was sad when it came off. I loved wearing this lace bell sleeve top with the braid and flared jeans. Speaking of cute top, I’m sharing some on extra 20% off below, perfect for your mom, sisters and friends. Happy Thursday!

Let’s talk about changes in life – for me it was a school change for my kids, trying to race to 5pm Friday soccer practice, work deadlines, date night with hubby, the lack of spa day, and way too many late nights affects the hair. I’m the first to admit, I’m lazy with my hair  and choose the 5 min approach at best. Last year, it was my 3rd year blogging, we moved to California from Illinois, and I had super long hair and it was a TON of work. More work than I’ll admit I had time for. This year, though I missed the long locks, I did not miss the time blow drying it.  Shoulder length waves seemed to be a doable hair style for my lifestyle. Enter Herbal Essences with vitamin E, which not only softened my hair, but it smells amazing. I remember buying it in highschool and always loving the smell. But beyond the smell, shampoo infused with vitamin E, cocoa butter, getting to bed earlier (still working on that) and washing my hair less during the week has strengthened my hair over time. I’m thankful for small changes that can improve my daily life as a busy wife, mother and blogger. Check out my Facebook or below to see the Herbal Essences “Changes” video.

What are some small changes you’re making to improve your life? I’d love to hear them.



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Everyone wants beautiful bouncy and healthy hair but not everyone is sure how to achieve it. My hair often suffers from dryness, overheating with hair straighteners and lots of hair products, especially from events and photo shoots. So, in between washes, I substitute apple cider vinegar or ACV instead of shampoo.  The beauty and simplicity of ACV naturally cleanses the scalp without stripping the hair of necessary oils. My hair after washing with ACV not only maintains fresh hair color in between salon visits, but I also noticed it became softer and shinier.  So, how does it work you ask? It’s simple, alternate shampoo days for ACV hair rinse and follow with conditioner. I love how bouncy my hair feels afterwards and totally recommend it!  Styling tip: for my hair, using ACV once a month was fine, but using it every day did not achieve the results I wanted, and after washing with ACV, add Argan Oil therapy to protect from UV color fade as well as protect from heat styling without weighing it down. Brilliant. I love using natural ingredients for my hair.

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