Laptop Bag

stripe top :: white wide leg pants :: bag ESEMBLĒ :: heels

Patricia from Esemblē recently interviewed me. See the full interview on HERE and below, hope you enjoy. XO

1.     Please briefly introduce yourself.

I’m a wife, mother and creator of the fashion blog Shalicenoel.com

2.     What are the three essential items you’re currently carrying in your Kiosk Tote?

Stila in Beso, Baby wipes, and Kiehls lip butter – so moisturizing!

3.     ESEMBLĒ represents more than just a brand, it carries certain values, attitudes, and ways of living that makes the name unique and enchanting, just like our modern girl. What does it mean to you to be a ‘modern girl’?

Ball juggler, wearer of many hats. None of my friends have one job, they’re juggling multiple professions, as moms, small business owners, and volunteers. It’s an amazing job!

4.     ESEMBLĒ’s brand mantra is to celebrate the little joys in life. What little joys in life do you celebrate?

Enjoying time at the beach with my family. Celebrating my children’s birthdays, their laughs, and snuggling them. Life is too short not to enjoy the little moments.

5.     The quote “The world is your oyster” encourages girls to be fearless in their endeavors – What do you aspire to for your future?

To live, love well, and give all glory to God.