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Last week, we scootered around the historic Mission District and found so many beautiful historic buildings to learn about and scooter around. It was founded in 1771, and the fourth of California’s 21 missions. We scootered around the fountain and to the plaques to learn more. The kids didn’t get tired but are always easily entertained by scooters and a pack of gum in their pocket. Ha! I’m sharing a short list below of why we LOVE our scooters:


Top 5 Reasons Why We Love Our Scooters

  1. Great Exercise. Scooters get kids moving! When are kids are tempted to spend hours on devices such as iPads and laptops, it’s important to give them a fun alternative to sitting, scootering!
  2. They travel well. The micro sprite folds for easy travel. Just push and hold in the 2 buttons on either side of the front wheel and unfold your scooter. Also, think about using them on vacation to explore a new town. Bonus: the kids get less tired than walking. Pro tip: bring them when you trick or treat to keep the kids from getting easily tired walking.
  3. I get a workout. These 4 scooters fit in our SUV and if I want a workout, I wear my running shoes and try and catch up to them on their scooters. It’s harder than you think!
  4. They are great for almost every age. The maxi deluxe is great for ages 5-12 (what my kids have) and the micro sprite is great for ages 8-99! I have the micro white and can more easily catch up to them at the park. Either way, it’s a great workout.
  5. They make great gifts! Christmas is 70 days away, use my code“SHALICE” to get or give a free scooter light (and free shipping) to a niece, nephew, son or daughter.

Where will your scooters take you? See where we took our scooters in Venice HERE and see the health benefits of scooters HERE.

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This photo was taken before they realized their chocolate doughnut had creme in it. Eww.

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How do we use our scooters – I even have one!

We use them for park days, me running beside them, walking around china town, and bonus, they fit in our SUV, all 4 of them!

We’ve had so many good memories on them already. If you’re a mom or maybe an aunt or uncle, these make GREAT  gifts that keep on giving and keep kids healthy and moving. In an iPad society where everything is digital and kids are easily addicted to devices, getting kids out to play and moving is essential to their health and wellbeing. Some benefits include:

Muscle Strength

Cardiovascular Capacity

Keeps Bones Strong

Decreases Body Fat

Maintains a Healthy Weight

Enhances Self Esteem

Reduces Symptoms of depression & Anxiety

And the list goes on!

Where will your scooters take you? See where we took our scooters in Venice HERE. And don’t forget:

Use Code “SHALICE” for a free scooter light and free shipping 😉 Ends 10/31.

Thank you Micro Kickboard for sponsoring this post!