Gray boots are the first and favorite things to bust out at the first day of fall. They’re flattering and crazy versatile. I try and buy a new pair at the beginning of the season so I ensure I get my size 9!

Those following me for a while know I love a versatile gray dress and this one is NO EXCEPTION. I wear it dressed up or down and the tulip hem is crazy flattering! See some more of my faves:

Leopard Scarves are some of the best subtle ways to get a lot of pop for the price. Many of them are under $30, and I love them styled tied onto a purse.

I love how a gray bag is the cherry on top of a chic gray monochrome look.

I get so many compliments when I wear a gray coat – here are 4 faves:


Nordstrom never disappoints. From their stellar customer service, awesome online selection, and quick shipment options (hello curbside pick-up), it’s hard not to pick favorites. Since I’m due to welcome baby boy any day now, I opted for a fitted and flattering dress I’ve had on repeat. I added a leopard scarf, gray layer coat, and gray bag for an overall classic monochrome look. Stay tuned for baby news and more favorites from Nordstrom. 

gray dress // gray coat similar // bag // boots similar // scarf similar

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Girls Cape // Skinny Jeans // Taupe Faux Leather Booties

Boys Stripe Sweatshirt // Red Shorts // Sneakers

My Blazer// Dress // Sunglasses // Similar Booties

How do I find outfits for my kids? I focus on quality fabrics, patterns and clothes they will actually wear and love. When I see them get excited about a shirt or a cool pair of shoes, that’s when I know I’ve found something they not only like, but they’ll actually wear! And yes, it’s all found at Nordstrom!

The moment my oldest saw this cape, she exclaimed, “This would be great for Lake Arrowhead!” And I agree. It’s super soft and perfect for chilly early mornings and late nights. We love it up there. Likewise, my son loves his sweatshirt and especially his new sneakers. He won’t stop wearing them! Kind of like his obsession with his soccer uniform. He wears it so much that hubby and I had to hide it! Anyone else have this happen with a kiddo?

I’m so thankful for Nordstrom curbside pick-up for days when I have to be at soccer practice, art class and tumbling class. Their customer service has won over this busy mama for over a decade. What are some of your Nordstrom faves?

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I’ve tried to make skincare a big focus in my life for a while now, but the older I get (and the more my kids stress me out), the more emphasis I put on having a consistent routine. I’ve been using L’Occitane products for forever because they’re like magic in a bottle, so when they released RESET, I knew I had to give it a go. It has been amazing!
Between the kids, work and trying to squeeze in quality time with the hubs, sometimes I think I only have a skincare routine because it’s a few minutes of the day that truly belong to me. It gives me a moment of very much needed self-care. Plus adding an overnight treatment like RESET to my routine renews my skin and gets me ready for my hectic and busy day ahead. Now if only RESET could babysit the kids. 😉 
In all seriousness though, life is busy, but don’t forget to take some time for yourself. With stress, sun, pollution and fatigue, the first place it’ll all show up is your face, trust me. So if you’re looking for something new to try or are just looking for a little “you time”, I highly recommend L’Occitane RESET.

1.  Oversize blazer (I’m wearing a small)

2. White tank (get it in black too!)

3. Distressed denim shorts (I’m wearing a size 27)

4. White Bella Band (I have in both black and white!)

5. Tan Booties in caramel suede (they’re 40% off!) 

I’m also wearing the following: Aviator sunglasses // Belt bag // Drop earrings 

Nordstrom always seems to nail it. I was looking for an oversize blazer over jeans, and distressed shorts and I found it all online at! I was so excited to share it with you. Also, if you’re on the lookout for denim shorts that are a good mom length, these are it! As for the white blazer, I got a small and it fits perfectly over the bum. So flattering. As a disclaimer, with 4 kids and a 36 week belly, I’m no stranger to stains. To be honest, I usually bring a tide stick with me. If you’re as crazy about oversize blazers as I am, this plaid one is equally stunning. Speaking of belly, try this bella band if you’re pregnant and wanting to still wear your pre-pregnancy jeans by covering this clever band over your denim zipper. Genius!

More Plaid blazers 


While in Lake Arrowhead last weekend, I wore this blazer over this dress and got tons of compliments. And yes, if you’re wondering, I’m wearing all the white after labor day. No rules ladies. Wear what you like, and if you want to feel EXTRA in white, use this self tanner.

Happy September!


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Ps. A lot of what we are wearing happens to be on sale this week, sizes are limited



white dress // sandals  (on sale! Hurry, limited sizes!)// blazer // Milla bag // MAC lipstick // similar earrings

her overalls // tank // scarf // red sandals // her banana dress // red sandals

The biggest holiday of the summer is upon us and I have to admit, I’m pretty excited. We just wrapped up the kitchen remodel of our A-Frame cabin on Lake Arrowhead and it’s going to be so nice to have it done and ready for my family next week. Although I’m excited about family time and the cabin, I also had to get everyone’s outfit for the 4th just right!

So like I said, we will be spending the holiday at Lake Arrowhead, which means I opted for a simple white dress for myself, a blue banana dress for my eldest, polos for my boys, and overalls for my youngest daughter. I love how Nordstrom always has an awesome online selection of girls and boys clothes. My eldest is growing like a weed, so if I’m unsure about sizing I order two sizes and easily return from home. Having a large family, Nordstrom has also provided conveniences like curbside pick up. So easy! I just parked and called the number they provided and me and the kids and I waited in the car while the store associate loaded our bags. Super convenient and just another reason to love Nordstrom right? When I’m dressing them, it’s all about simplicity when you’re planning on having a low key weekend with lots of grilling and my favorite flag cake. Have you ever made a flag cake? It’s amazing! I’ve included the recipe below.

Whatever you’re doing for the holiday, I hope you have a lovely 4th of July with friends and family enjoying all the freedom our country has to celebrate.
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Stay tuned for Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Updates!
Rebecca Minkoff Bag // Similar Bags Below
Cute Jeans
As you probably know by now, eBay is a place I visit frequently for lots of designer products. Because who doesn’t love an amazing deal? This mama does, that’s for sure. I’ve scored A LOT of amazing things on eBay and I’m often asked how, specifically, “how do you know it’s authentic?” This is a totally valid question, especially in the world of online shopping. You never want to be in the position where you’re expecting a specific quality of product, but what arrives at your door doesn’t match the pictures or the price you paid.
If you’ve ever wanted to shop on eBay, but have let this fear hold you back, don’t worry! I’ve got you covered with five tips that’ll leave you wondering why you didn’t start shopping on eBay sooner!
How to buy authentic luxury items off eBay 101
1. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. It can be hard to turn away from what appears to be the perfect item. The best thing to do in these instances, though, is listen to your instincts and not buy the product.
2. Research the seller and read his/her feedback. This may feel a little time consuming, but it’s worth it to avoid buying an inauthentic product. Reviews from other buyers can be very telling, so take the time to vet sellers.
3. Compare pricing. Again, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I recommend browsing around and trying to find multiple options of whatever it is you’re looking for. This way you can compare what the sellers are asking for and then compare it to what it retails for. If there’s one option that’s significantly lower, be skeptical.
4. Note where the item is coming from. For example, if a product is coming from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan or anywhere international, I usually skip that seller and keep looking. I’ve only ever purchased from US sellers. The location of the seller can be a major red flag for authenticity, so pay close attention to this.
5. Don’t be shy about asking the seller for a serial number or receipt. I’ve found it really helpful to speak with the seller before I bid with any additional questions I may have. You have nothing to lose by doing this. Most are very kind and offer up any and all details about the product they’re selling.
If you’re still hesitant about taking on these tips, take a look at eBay Authenticate!
Happy bidding!
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Whenever I’m putting an outfit together, whether it’s for the blog or a special occasion (or both!), I always look for that one thing that will make it feel complete. This is when I reach for a fragrance. The “Divina” scent by Vince Camuto is always the perfect cherry on top. It’s great for date night or any event during the day as well. It’s got this subtle, mellow musky undertone to it that just makes me feel special.
And speaking of feeling special, I also want to use this post as an opportunity to share my gratitude with you all. I’m so thankful for moments like this, where I get to put together a fun look, incorporate my favorite fragrance and then share it with you guys. Celebrating small happy moments like this is important to me, so thank you to everyone who has followed along on my journey and is still here today as I get ready for a whole new chapter in my life.
I hope that wasn’t too mushy for you! If you’re here for the outfit and beauty details, don’t worry! I’ve got those too!
Even though summer is basically in full swing, I was really feeling the spring vibes when I put this look together. I love all the shades of blush in the coat, purse and heels. And I’m pretty much always wearing distressed denim. This pair is from [insert brand] and is a consistent favorite of mine. Of course, I’m also wearing Vince Camuto fragrance because I’m not sure any look is complete without it!
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Chloe “Susanna” Boots from Ebay  // DL1961 Jeans // Two Penny Blue Blazer // Z Supply Tee // WhoWhatWear bag // Chloe Sunglasses

I’ve been quite a fan of shopping on eBay for many years, but I recently bought one of my best purchases yet! I finally scored one of my cult favorites—the Chloe Susanna boots. After doing some research, I pulled the trigger and found them on eBay for 1/3 of the retail price. Score! I love when I get a luxury item for a steal. No guilt and great cost per wear.
Here are some tips for scoring your next luxury find on @ebay:
1/ Contact the seller – Ask any questions you might have and make that friendly connection to let them know you like their product and have a question about it.
2/ Negotiate – If it says “make an offer” do it! I made an offer to the seller of these boots and she accepted. You never know.
3/ Get specific with your search – Search by brand and specific item names such as “Chloe Susanna boots” and “Chloe boots size 40”. The more specific, the better the results will be.
4/ Patience – Be patient and check often. If you don’t see anything you like or anything in your size, just keep checking daily. You’re bound to find something!
5/ Share tips – I have found it so helpful to talk to others who love to shop on eBay too. Learning tips and tricks from others can make all the difference! So, please share any tips you have in the comments. I’d love to hear them!


We recently purchased an oval marble table for our dining room and I was on the hunt for the perfect chairs to match. I felt some pressure because I had purchased some chairs in the past we had regretted, they fell apart easily and were uncomfortable to sit on. However, I was determined to make this a better situation. I did some research, even asked readers and followers on Instagram stories what are their favorite furniture brands. I finally put together a couple looks I loved on Pinterest and boom, my vision for our dining room was taking shape. I ended up choosing two velvet chairs from Anthropologie and 6 from The latter was a sizable purchase so I did what I always do, check and see if I can find a promo code. Those who know me well, know I love coupons (though I’ll admit I have zero time for them now) and my mom used to pay me for the coupons we used on our grocery trip. That early training sparked my habit for always looking for the best deal. My mission was to find antique gold cafe chairs and find them before Thanksgiving. That’s not too much to ask for, right? So when I was ready to check out and purchase the chairs on, I noticed the promo code was empty. I looked for a promo code for on RetailMeNot. A site I had used a couple times before. I’m happy to announce that I found a promo code that saved me $100 off on the chairs and called Reid at work who was proud of me for doing the research and most of all, finally picking out chairs. Now, before every purchase, I check RetailMeNot, just in case, so as to not miss a promo code that could potentially mean huge savings. Also, I recently downloaded the app, chose my preferences, mine were kids, fashion and of course, shoes. I didn’t turn on post notification ( since that makes me a little crazy) and signed in seamlessly with my Facebook account. What’s your next big or small purchase? Whether its a gift for your mom, your son your co-worker, a new vacuum or like me, 8 new chairs, take my advice and check RetailMeNot first. You will thank me later. and by the way, the app is free 🙂

sweatshirt // jeans /// sneakers and similar // sunglasses

Southern California winters don’t usually allow for cute puffer coats and layers of sweaters, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still be cozy. I like to do this style with just a touch of chic – that’s the trick to dressing cozy – keep things comfortable, but adding a little something to avoid looking like you just rolled out of bed (even when you did!). Cue this amazing vintage style pullover from Bloomingdale’s. It’s chic with its colors and pattern, but at the end of the day it’s a terry sweatshirt that I can move in. Plus, I’m always into a hint of vintage – it makes things more interesting and unique.


To dial it up just a touch I’m adding these ripped black coated jeans and sneakers. The jeans are still very casual, but the sneakers add that little bit of laid back chic I mentioned. Pro tip? Find a balance. If you know your top is on the relaxed side, spice it up with a cute sneaker like I did here or a black boot for going out. If it got chilly at night, as it does here in Southern California, I’d add this coat to add a dash of glam to an otherwise sporty look. 


You can find all of these pieces at Bloomingdale’s. I love shopping with them because I can get all the high fashion pieces I’m looking for along with some of my favorite brands all in one place! Have you tried Wildfox loungewear? Why am I so late to the game? See more favorites below.


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