As a family, we joke that we’ve lived in a variety of unique homes: the Chicago Salt Box, the California Craftsman, the A-Frame, the James Bond House, a Beach House, a Modern Farmhouse, and a Mediterranean. Which one was your favorite? With such a diverse housing background, finding our next home was a challenging task to top our past experiences. In fact, it took us two long years of searching. After many lost offers and not finding anything we loved, we gave up last year and ended up renting.

Now, as our lease is about to expire, we are thrilled to announce that we have found our next home.

It’s spectacular.

This home has a character of its own, and we are currently deciding on a name. It’s between “DUNE HOUSE” and “Villa Brute.” Which one do you prefer? What do you think, does it remind you of our Pasadena house? It does to me.

Let me know in the comments.

This 1970s architectural icon has left us in awe. When we tell people it’s a brutalist design, they are often shocked – and we love the shock factor. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter, blog, and follow us on Instagram for updates.

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2 weeks moved into our new home in California and I scheduled a brow appointment. Read more about our move here.

Not just any appointment. My make-up artist Morgan Grimes suggested I get a brow tint and shape. I got a lot of questions about my experience yesterday, so I wrote about it below.

What is a brow tint and shape?

The brow artist essentially color “tints” your brows a desired color, I chose a shade darker than my hair color but you can discuss this with your brow artist ahead of time. Along with tinting my brows a darker shade to make them look “colored in,” she also shaped my brows. First, she outlined them, like a stencil and showed me how they looked before she went in to wax and pluck them. Since I recently used retinol products on my face, she suggested that we tweeze the hairs at the top of my brows, since waxing after retinol can thin the skin. I had no idea!

I can’t remember the last time I had my brows shaped. She went a shade darker than my hair and shaped my brows using waxing method (at the lower part of my brows) and tweezing on the top portion of my brows. My right eyebrow has been thicker and making my right eye more hooded, so I knew that I needed a professional to even them out. Keep in mind, your brows are supposed to look like cousins, not twins. Around 30 min later, I felt like Brooke Shields with a new set of brows. Knowing that I have 5 kids and barely any time for myself most days, you girls know I’ll gladly take any shortcuts. I’ll see her in 6 weeks and look forward to that nice quiet time laying flat on her table without any child asking me to cut their apple or help with homework. When was the last time you got your brows done?

Wylder Esthetics in South Pasadena, CA.

This post was not sponsored and simply my personal opinion and experience.

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