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by Shalice Noel

While my account was gone, you may have missed this

Remember the old Sandra Bullock movie, While You Were Sleeping?  That’s a bit how I feel right now.  We’ve had a lot of life changing events going on the last two weeks and you might be shocked now that my account is breathing again.  I couldn’t share all this exciting news until now.  Boy, that was a stressful 16 days. Read about it HERE.  Thank you for all the support and community you provided while my account was in jeopardy. 

Here is the backstory to catch you all up.

My last post on @shalicenoel was finding moments to teach your children to find the silver lining in all circumstances.  I was majorly tested on this one.  The day my account was taken down is the same day we signed a lease for a new house.  Yes, a new house!  You might ask, but you just built a house in Georgia?  True and technically it’s still our house.  (Let me know if you are looking for a house in Georgia). Reid and I loved the design process of the new build in Georgia, but our work has always been in California.  Namely, Reid has been working remote, traveling back and forth and our clothing label Shalice Noel, needs to be based in LA again.  As you might remember, we almost moved back to California fall of 2022, but our kids were not on board, and our housing search ended up flat. So, Reid and I held back on the move. Meanwhile, we made some dear friendships in Georgia that we will miss greatly!

Read more about that decision HERE.

To our surprise, the kids’ hearts began to change.  The girls and I had made a trip to LA last spring, and we all realized it felt like home to us.  We can’t explain it.  Memories flooded back of me being pregnant with Levi walking the streets of Old Town Pasadena and the girl’s excitement over our favorite restaurants, beaches and shops was thrilling to hear.  It was at that time that we decided that LA was home.

As you can imagine, the search for a place for a family of 7 + dog is quite the feat. Read, “IMPOSSIBLE.” We never stopped looking for a house in the Pasadena area and dreamed of getting our old house back. It almost took a year, but we finally found a house and we can’t wait to show you. We’re praising God for opening doors, literally. While I was away for 2 years, I missed my “team,” aka Felicia my photographer and Morgan, my make-up artist who I was never able to replace. I am thrilled to be back with artist who inspire me, close to work, business partners, and areas to shoot. I don’t think I can communicate enough how excited we all are and what’s to come.

I guess you can say, this is the part of While You Were Sleeping when Peter wakes up engaged. Next week I’ll be back to posting our California lifestyle.  Hello, culture shock!  Rural north Atlanta is a whole different culture to Los Angeles, but I think we will jump back into the rapids just fine.

We appreciate your love and support!! I’ve missed you all so much.  We look forward to being back in our old stomping grounds.

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Who wants a house tour when we arrive?

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Milagros Maldonado September 4, 2023 - 1:56 pm

So happy for your family. Changes are always good but you’ll know what HOME is, California here we are coming back.
Many Blessings Shalice. If God opens doors is definitely a big sign. So happy for you and your family.

Shalice Noel September 5, 2023 - 3:38 pm

Thank you!


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