Men’s gift guide

by Shalice Noel

1 Ski Jacket // 2 Blackstone grill // 3 Camel coat // 4 Yeti cup // 5 Old Fashioned Set // 6 LA hat // 7 Solo stove // 8 Ugg slippers // 9 Leather duffle // 10 Bombas socks // 11. Knit Blazer

Every year, I ask Reid to give me a wishlist of items that he wants for Christmas. He doesn’t want much, but I can usually twist his arm. like many of you, I need a break from dinner duty, so I decided he needed the #2 Blackstone grill. I ordered it asap. I can’t wait to take the night off of dinner duty. YAY! Do you have a man on your list?

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Don’t forget to check out my TEEN and TWEEN gift guide

Crunchy Girls Gift Guide

Boys gift guide

1 Rem sleeping aid / 2 Nutrimill to grind your own flour super fresh with lots of nutritional benefits / 3 Magnesium epsom salts to enjoy a detox bath! / 4 Pilates ring I use daily / 5 organic panties /

6 Ramen seasoning without MSG / 7 Tongue scraper / 8 Clean Stain remover / 9 Compression socks in increase circulation and help alleviate pressure with veins.

‘Tis the season!

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1. Rem sleep gels really work! 2. Faux Fur jacket 3. Fleece Hoodie 4. Ear muffs 5. Life force blood test (54% off the Lifeforce diagnostic! Was $549, now $249) I loved learning about my hormone levels and blood test results 6. YSL Sweatshirt 7. Chic earring under $40 – I wear mine all the time 8. Monogramed duffle 9. Espresso machine 10. Chic evening dress 11. Gucci earrings 12. Life Collagen Chews 13. Ugg slippers

Still searching ? Here are some sales around the web.

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LTK20 for 20% off!

It’s holiday gift guide time already, can you believe? I recently asked my older 4 children what they’d like for Christmas. Can you imagine how excited they were to do this? Let’s just say, it’s NOT a chore.

They compiled their favorites (girls especially) from satin pillowcases to Nike blazers. Which is your favorite?


Chat soon


Boys Gift Guide

Nike Blazer shoes

Nerf Gun

LEGO Nano gauntlet

Playstation controller

Playstation controller

13 year old girl

Roller Rabit Polo Pj’s

Travel perfume set

Dewy Skin Goals Kit

Everywhere Belt bag

Scuba Zip Hoodie

Pendant Necklace

Hearts Makeup Bag

Jewelry Stand

Chuck Taylor High Tops

Mini Classic Boot

16 year old girl

Floral sheets

Silk pillowcase 

Makeup organizer 


Makeup bag

Brandy Melville top 

Satin skirt 

UGG lookalikes

Revolve pjs 

Olaplex shampoo + conditioner 

Charlotte Tilbury blush

Pet gift guide

by Shalice Noel

My kids love giving gifts to sweet Lucca. He’s age two in March, can you believe? My kids love showering our Mini Goldendoodle with toys! Here’s some of our personal picks. Which are your favorites?

1 Custom pet portrait

2 Squirrel Toy

3 OLLIE food use code SHALICE for 50% off your first box

4 Goliath bone

5 Faux fur pet bed- SO SOFT

6 Dog bowl

7 Dog food mat

8 Flag dog collar

  1. Gucci
  2. Hat
  3. Wrap
  4. Silk set ($30)
  5. Cuff
  6. Fendi strap
  7. Ghurka tote 
  8. Varley socks
  9. Averie sleep set (on sale)
  10. U Beauty moisturizer 
  11. G G slides

Gifts don’t have to be complicated, start small but luxe. Here’s some genius ideas to get you started. Yes, even you the last minute shopper.

Chat soon xx Shalice

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Shop by clicking the images below:

Shop by clicking the images below:

Her golf picks

His golf picks

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That’s it for now, anything we missed? I post daily on the LTK app “shalicenoel” and Instagram. Check back for more updates and best of “Black Friday!”

1 Star Wars tee
2. Mom Genes tee
3. Tula cleanser is clean beauty perfect for tweens. Use code ‘Shalice’ for 15% off
4. Anyone else addicted to Pac-Man?
5. Under Armor shorts
6. Rowan girls subscription earrings straight to your door.
7. Tic Tac Toe
8. My kids love gloves and are always losing theirs!
9. The coolest puzzle to tackle on a weekend
10. Star Wars Yoda Lego collectors set ftw!

Gifts for our tweens can be a tough one.  That’s why I’ve put together a quick go-to gift guide for your tween, either boy or girl.  I’ve picked a couple of fun items and some practical ideas like graphic tees, games, puzzles and Lego’s.  I’m especially excited about the Rowan subscription boxYour tween will receive a package once a month to open every month! Use code Shalice15 for 15% off your subscription. How exciting is that?  My girls feel so special when their packages arrive with new earrings and girly surprises.  It’s like stretching the Christmas gift throughout the entire year.  We all really need that after this past year.  I hope my gift guide inspires some ideas for you.  More to come!

Gifts for the Home

by Shalice Noel

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11

Master Bedroom:

Amazon linen duvet // Sheets // Bed // Small Lamp // Art 40 x 54 // Large throw pillow // Plants // Vase // Down Alternative Duvet // Lacoste Chevron Coverlet // Chloe dupes

It’s that time of year again!! Reid is really good at working out, schooling the kids, making killer scrambled eggs and making gift guides! He makes it easy to find gifts for him as I can shop his gift guides.

1 Beard oil – Great for any guy with a beard 2. Bose Speaker Reid uses this in our garage gym 3. Cardigan 4. Paige jeans that fit just right that are hard to find 5. Joggers 6. Jacket 7. Kettle 8. Chelsea Boots 9. Cool Sneakers 10. Dumbbell set 11. Filson bag

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