Back to School Snacks

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The kids are headed BACK TO SCHOOL and with that comes my nemesis, school lunches.  To simplify our busy schedules, I’m sharing a school lunch grocery list and some creative lunch ideas that don’t require utensils and are quick for you to piece together.  Oh and did I mention the kids love it.  I would love to hear some of your ideas, so leave me a comment.

I know getting back to school is daunting for both kids and parents, so please bookmark this post for your next shopping trip.  I’ve linked all these items to Walmart as well, because they have great healthy selections, low prices and some items can be delivered next day.  I’m all about less trips in the car, so this is a huge quality of life win.

Here’s what I look for when buying school lunch items.  Finger foods are great because we save plastic utensils.  As a rule of thumb, provide a protein to fill their bellies during the day, add fresh vegetables with hummus or ranch dressing and lastly dried fruit for dessert.  I’ve learned the hard way to not pack nuts.  Many schools do not allow nuts on campus so don’t waste them and keep them at home.  I also try to avoid filling the kids up with breads so here is a great idea for deli meat.  Take slices of ham and or turkey and roll it.  Then take the bamboo stick and make a kabob.  In between the deli meat add vegetables like cucumber, tomato, pickles or whatever else your kids like.  Think of it like a salad on a stick.  The best part, no dirty dishes for the kids to bring home.  Win, win!

I love expressing my creative side with school lunches and giving the kids something fun and healthy to eat during their school day.  Here’s a shopping list you can copy for your next trip to Walmart! Or use the links below and buy online, taking advantage of their amazing next day shipping (I’ve taken advantage of MANY TIMES) for qualifying items. Before I purchase, I always check the reviews and if the item qualifies for Next Day shipping. Time is a hot commodity as a mom of 5, so if it can arrive ASAP, things run a little smoother.

Do you have a favorite lunch as a kid? share it below!

School Lunches Shopping list:

1)  Deli Meat (Turkey or Ham) Turkey Jerky is good too.

2)  Fresh Vegetables (Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Carrots, Cauliflower, Broccoli)

3)  Fresh Fruit (Grapes, Apple Slices, Peaches, Mango, Strawberries)

4)  Dried Fruit (Coconut Chips, Dried anything)

5)  Lunch container

Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post!

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  1. Lunch box woes? Wanna keep their food separated? No problem. Place cupcake holders in your kids lunch box and food will no longer touch.
  2. Picky Dresser? I have four. So as you can imagine getting dressed can be really stressful. I let them pick their own shoes and I put out their clothes the night before. We discuss it so no surprises and when they come home they can slip right into their favorite (may I add ratty) running shorts and flip flops. We can’t win every battle but compromise helps!
  3. Speaking of organizing closets, do you know you can use shower curtain hooks on their closet rod to keep jewelry bags and even jeans organized.
  4. Keep Canker Sores at Bay. My friend Aylin told me about BORAX homeopathic for canker sores and it works! Also take B complex and dab some milk (yes, milk!) directly on their canker sore.
  5. Use a Lazy Susan in the fridge for the most grabbed for condiments – for us its the pickles, maple syrup and ketchup. No more, “mom, where’s the ketchup?!” Well, no guarantees.
  6. Need Meals in a pinch? 20 Freezer recipes for those long homework and no time to cook kind of nights. Wait, isn’t that every night? Ha, I’m kidding. I’m also sharing 3 of our go-to recipes HERE.  And sharing my go-to dressing recipes on the blog HERE.
  7. After school Slump? Make Energy Balls! After you make them, place them in the freezer and they’re a great snack with chocolate AND fiber. The latter they will never know about. NO BAKE ENERGY BITES 1 cup rolled oats, 1/2 cup chocolate chips, 1/2 cup ground flaxseed meal, 1/2 cup crunchy peanut butter 1/3 cup honey or maple syrup. Arrange in balls and freeze until set. About an hour. Enjoy!
  8. Schedule is EVERYTHING. My friend Eva puts her kids on the school schedule one month prior to school starting so they ease into school without the shock factor and sour attitudes.
  9. MAKE AHEAD for that rainy day. Make chicken or vegetable soup in a large batch and freeze in individual portions for those days they will get sick at school. I like this recipe. Also, make a batch of sugar cookies and freeze them in dough balls for that day your child is asked to bring a dozen cookies. You know if will happen!
  10. Need to get grape juice out of clothes? My daughter spilled the communion juice on her new dress Sunday and I just about flipped. I ended up putting soap on it immediately then soaking it in Dawn soap when I got home and running it through the wash. Violà! I also found this recipe: Mix one tablespoon of white vinegar and 1/2 teaspoon of liquid laundry detergent with one quart of warm water. Soak in this solution for 15 minutes. If the stain remains, sponge with rubbing alcohol and rinse thoroughly
  11. Did the kids leave crayons in the car melting in the summer heat? Mine did today actually. They left 5 crayons in the cup holders and I hurry googled how to get crayons off of plastic after I made them try and clean it of course. Here’s what I found to help: Spray the affected plastic with WD-40 or another oil-based car part lubricant. Vinylex Quick Wipes by Lexol also work wonders. Leave it on for 3 minutes. Wipe the plastic with a soft cloth. If any residue remains, wash it off in a circular motion with warm, soapy water and a sponge.

It’s YOUR turn, what are some of your smart hacks?

I’m sure I left some out, I’d love to hear your tips!