Sweater // Jeans // Sandals // Baby Bag // Camisole // Sunglasses // Bella Band


  1. Nursing slip, I got mine at H&M (this one looks awesome too) and
  2. Nursing tanks in black and white (I’m wearing this now because it fits maternity too;)
  3. Comfy socks/white slippers (Don’t ask me why I love white slippers)
  4. Protein bars like KIND, etc for hubby
  5. Joggers in gray and black (I’ve found the Michael Stars one’s are the most flattering)
  6. Kimono and Robe
  7. Essential oils like lavender, peppermint and copaiba, will be coming with me
  8. Phone Charger

I’m also bringing his baby book to record things that happen during the labor, details etc. Here’s hoping I actually write these things down. The more kids I have, the harder it is to record ALL the special moments in a cute lil book! I’m making an extra effort to fill in a baby book since my older kids have been reaching for their baby books lately and reading them, and I cringe at some of the empty pages!

I was really intimidated at first at the whole idea of a hospital bag, but I remind myself, I won’t be staying there all week (Lord willing) and if needed, hubby can run home to get something. Basically, if I have my toiletries, pain meds, comfy socks, kimono, nursing tanks, and make-up I’m good! I’m pretty low-maintenance but hubby would differ with me. I’m excited for that day to finally come. In the meantime, weigh in with your must haves for the hospital?