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What goes with everything and is a must-have for fall? Why, comfy black booties of course! These “Trinculo” Børn boots are not only comfortable (as in gel-cushion-comfy) but they look awesome with a sweater and cropped jeans. And as I transition to fall, I plan to wear them with bare legs for as long as the weather affords. A definite bonus is that I can get them on in 5 seconds when I’m running late to school drop-off. Winning.

Shop the look below:

boot BØRN “Trinculo” available at NORDSTROM :: leggings NORDSTROM :: hat LACK OF COLOR :: stripe top RAILS LA

Thank you BØRN for partnering on this post

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I’m all about the simple #ootd. Let’s be honest, I struggle everyday to get four children out of the house for school, so I’ve been finding myself gravitating toward the simplest of pieces. Here, a shirtdress, faux leather leggings, and and edgy nude heels take center stage. It also happens to be just as appropriate for meetings as it is for date night. For the latter, I would add a suede jacket and lace up boot . After all, basics can very well be classics when paired well. As for the smiles from my little guy, I’d like to thank the dried mango and lollipops, not shown.

Shop my outfit below:

shirtdress F&E :: leggings NORDSTROM :: hat LACK OF COLOR :: sunnies WESTWARD LEANING :: heels VINCE CAMUTO