Top 9

Alice and Olivia leopard dress // sunglasses // earrings // satchel //
I recently joined the amazing Heymama network as a member. One of the founders, Katya Libin asked me,  “What are your must haves for the Fall?” 
If you ask me what my favorite season it is, I’ll say, hands down FALL. The fashion, the apple picking, the slight crisp in the air (if you live in an area with 4 seasons), and the jeans and a tee shirt weather will always be my favorite.
2. Something leopard like these rad pants – ie Leopard skirt 
5. Small Shoulder Bag I love that this one is double sided and this under $300 version is so pretty! I’m downsizing my mom bag as small bags are having a real moment, don’t miss it. Tip: If you buy a designer bag, opt for a neutral color, it will go with more outfits and you’ll get better cost per wear.
8. Something camouflage – depending on the brand, I like to size up on a camo jacket and belt it over a maxi dress or jeans. How cute is this camo cardigan?
Fashion isn’t always practical – hello ripped jeans on a 20 degree day and cut out tees, yup, I’m just as guilty for paying for a distressed ripped up tee. But how practical is an oversize blazer that fits like a glove and over the bum, high rise jeans (that won’t show your backside while kissing your kindergartener goodbye at school), and a COZY teddy coat? Sorry for that run-on. Ladies, good news, fashion is in our favor this fall, embrace it and these 9 must haves. I obviously won’t be a Fashion Week this year but will be watching the shows on my laptop, hopefully while nursing a cute babe.
Expect a filtering of the trends and showing you only what is your precious time and resources. Expect those posts along with some family and lifestyle content you have requested. I plan to post 3x a week, during maternity leave so stay tuned!

1. Best powder bronzer – in “Laguna”I love color on my face without the dangerous sun rays.
2. Luminizer in “Champagne Rose” works for ALL skin tones, paraben free
3. Tan Towels I swear by. Remember to exfoliate and moisturize before applying.
4. My awesome $16 travel makeup bag I always get asked about
5. Body Polish A great exfoliant and smells amazing.

6. Jet LagMask Serious hydration on the go and works for most skin types!

7. Coconut Lip Gloss Only $12 and all natural.
8. Shea Butter I use this to rub on my belly and its only $12!
9. Serum Mist  So refreshing when you spray on the plane or at home.
 If it were up to me, I would’ve made the Pantone color of the year blush. You cannot deny how hot this color is right now. I love it paired with neutrals or even red. I included the rug and dinnerware I purchased for the cabin. How cute right? As well as the pink shaggy coat every IT girl is wearing.
Which are your favorites?
1. Shaggy jacket  //  2. Hat //  3. Bow heel // 4. Rug  See more rugs here
 5. Dinnerware //  6. Sneakers // 7. Slip-ons // 8. Bag // 9. Chunky Knit Blanket