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One of our bucket list items has always been Yosemite. Big trees, bigger mountains and stunning stone ridges, did I mention waterfalls? I only read about and saw distant pictures of it but to see it in person, is like in the middle of the Grand Canyon so vast, untouched, and wild. While it was a chilly 38 degrees, and we attempted a couple hikes by the falls, all we could think about was the hot chocolate in our little chalet. And little it was but there is something alluring about cozy cottages around the holidays. So good. I think the kids spent most of the day up in the little chalet loft while the hubs and I cooked (well, defrosted, Portuguese stew called “Feijoda).” The latter takes me right into my first tip. If you’re renting a cabin, bring obviously lots of snacks, waters, organic cinnamon rolls (from a tube) and FROZEN dinners. Who wants to cook on vacation? For lunches, we enjoyed the tasty spread at Tanaya Lodge and Big Fir Lodge for their cozy ambience and yummy burgers. For fun, if Badger Pass is open, don’t forget to bring car chains, ski’s and warm thermal underwear. In the end, I’m so grateful we did this short 4-day getaway, just what we needed.┬áDon’t underestimate a rest from the hustle of the holidays, school events, LA traffic for some family bonding in the woods. From the oldest to youngest, we all felt the bond.

What’s on your vacation bucket list?