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Cost per Wear

June 12, 2014

The most successful shopping hauls are without all four kids. News flash, right? But really, it’s true. The changing room alone is a nightmare. But on this particular day, my mom was kind enough to take two, one was at school and the babe was strapped into his stroller with me. I’ll admit it’s no walk in Grant Park trying to get 4 bodies (including myself) out of the house, but this day seemed easier knowing they were off to “Granny camp” and I was off to Nordstrom camp. On this shopping trip, I was in search of the perfect cut-offs. Ones that look like One Teaspoon but without the damage to the wallet. Here’s how to find the perfect pair:

  1. Size up and try on ALL sizes. Make sure you feel comfortable in them and that they flatter.  Personally, I go a size up because I want a decent inseam length seeing as I’m not 16 anymore. But hey, different strokes for different folks.
  2. Look for good denim tone and distressing. I don’t want dime size holes or rips sprinkled about. I wanted ripped, people!
  3. Be practical. Ask yourself, how many times would you wear them? I’d personally choose jeans over cutoffs any day. But if the cutoffs are long enough (and ripped enough), I’d wear them a couple times a week. We live in a cold climate and the months of wear are maybe three. I use this term to impress the hubs: Cost per wear. Try it. If you think about how many times you’ll wear the item, it may change your mind about purchasing it. This term gets me in and out of a lot of trouble. I call it the CPW effect. Whether you’re shopping solo or with an entourage, it helps to have a plan and a venti no whip mocha.
Cut offs F21 // His shirt Geo Fox Apparel

My little assistant dutifully giving his opinion…

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