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by Shalice Noel


My husband’s idea of a good shopping experience involves skipping the lines and the dreaded dressing room.  So when he was looking to upgrade his work attire, he wasn’t looking to me for advice, ha! That’s where Men’s Style Lab comes in. So, with that, I hand it off to Reid.


Being married to a fashion blogger has its perks, one of which is not sharing closet space.  Our bedroom is basically our closet; therefore, I always say we sleep in our closet.  But for once, I got to join in the fun, get in front of the camera and upgrade my style with Men’s Style Lab. With my work schedule, working on the house and spending free time with the kids, I don’t get a chance to go shopping.  And while Shalice can shop with 4 kids in tow, I do not have the patience for that.  
Signing up with Men’s Style Lab solves these problems.  After I answered a few simple questions defining how I categorize my personal style, I then filled out a survey getting a little more nitty-gritty into my personal preferences, specific needs or any other obsessive compulsive attributes I hold to. For example, I like having shirt sleeves tight around my wrist.  I know, weird preference. I was also asked to define my style in three words of which I wrote: rugged, modern and athletic. After filling out the survey, I could request a phone call or e-mail correspondence with my personal stylist. A few days after creating my account, I received an e-mail from my stylist. Cool right? She introduced herself confirmed my mailing address and asked for my social media accounts to get a better perspective of my style.  It was hard to describe what I aspire to look like in words, so my Pinterest account helped. A few days after our e-mail, a big square box arrived on our porch.  For once, I got a package! My personal stylist enclosed a hand written note with a wax seal that briefly described the selections.  The box included 13 items, nicely bundled together as the stylist intended for me to wear it.  It was a pleasant surprise. You have 5 days to try the clothes on and Men’s Style Lab provides a UPS return label.  Easy as that. New duds for work and gives Shalice a break. 

Thank you Men’s Style Lab for sponsoring this post. See more of their mission here.

Use code: SHALICE2515 for $25 off your purchase good till August 31, 2015

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