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Mothering: Four Little Chicks

August 5, 2014
she collects little things
meet turtle
her favorite is mommy’s 5 year old iPod that still plays Brandi Carlisle’s “The Story” just fine
blush cheeks c/o naptime, stains c/o lunch
they call him “Team”

  lounging Lincoln park style
just playing with some scrap he found on the beach. NBD
This boy loves throwing

Sometimes the life you always wanted is full of cheese puffs in a ripped container smashed into every crevice of your stroller, the latter of which holds a diaper that exploded at the beach. Your 4 year old says “gimme a break” then asks “what does that mean?” Your 6 year old says “good gracious” and amuses you with the question, “can you have more babies mommy because I have only 3 people to play with?” Ha! And then I remember this is what I wanted as I look at the remains of the day that still remain on the floor ie., smashed raisins and 71 (I count them) Lego duplo pieces. These crazy cute, crazy people making me crazy, is actually a crazy blessed life.



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