4 ways to protect your IG account

by Shalice Noel

After what happened August 1st, read about it HERE, I have learned that you can take precautions to protect your IG account. I got asked this a lot, “how can I protect my account?”

I spoke with my friend Courtney at “A Thoughtful Place” who got the blue checkmark the day that I lost my account for added security. Don’t mess around. It is great to take all the natural precautions.

1 Click two-factor authentication and set it up asap.

2 Buy the blue check mark $14 a month (sounded like a gimmick to me at first, but I do think it helps)

3 Purchase social media insurance. A friend of a friend uses NOTCH. Not gonna lie, after this nightmare, I would consider it.

4 This may be a long shot, but GET A CONTACT AT META ASAP. They are the ones who can speed up your inquiry.

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Do you have any tips? Anything work for you?

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