After what happened August 1st, read about it HERE, I have learned that you can take precautions to protect your IG account. I got asked this a lot, “how can I protect my account?”

I spoke with my friend Courtney at “A Thoughtful Place” who got the blue checkmark the day that I lost my account for added security. Don’t mess around. It is great to take all the natural precautions.

1 Click two-factor authentication and set it up asap.

2 Buy the blue check mark $14 a month (sounded like a gimmick to me at first, but I do think it helps)

3 Purchase social media insurance. A friend of a friend uses NOTCH. Not gonna lie, after this nightmare, I would consider it.

4 This may be a long shot, but GET A CONTACT AT META ASAP. They are the ones who can speed up your inquiry.

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Do you have any tips? Anything work for you?

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First of all, I’m SO grateful for you all. I have cried numerous times just reading your reposts tagging IG and my account. You are amazing!! And you make me so grateful!!! I am thankful you are here and that we have a newsletter community. 

What happened?

My main instagram page @shalicenoel got suspended!! This is one of my top nightmares. Two days ago, I posted a follower’s review of some sandals that “looked like designer” and Instagram told me that my story violated community guidelines and took my whole account down.

At first I was confused, then tried again, then later freaked out. I appealed and went as far as I could until I knew I had to find a contact at Meta to ever recover my account. There are so many bots when trying to get a hold of someone to help, that it was clear that I needed a connection with an employee at meta.

Thankfully, I’m working with a couple key people to get it back up and running. It is nothing short of heartbreaking as I it took me 10 years to build my account following of 186,000. I miss the community I created in my DM’s. I miss our chats!

Meanwhile, if you have a contact at meta, email: I’m thankful to have my @shopshalicenoel account where I can stay up to date. Follow me on @shopshalicenoel for updates and stories. I appreciate your support! Guess what? We have a HUGE sale and a HUGE announcement coming up.  No, I’m not pregnant. Can you guess what it is?

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  3. THANK YOU for being here. Means more than you know!
  4. PRAY I can recover my main account shortly!!

Have you interviewed for a job in the last couple years?  How did that go?  With work from home still a thing, it seems the Virtual Interview is the current trend.  Reid just went through a series of Zoom interviews, so we thought it would be useful to share some interviewing tips and I’ll share what I would wear considering; you are on camera and not in real life.  The interviewing dynamic is much different than in person, so prepare wisely to smash that interview.

Five tips to consider on a Virtual Interview

1)    Whiten your teeth.  The Virtual Interview positive is you don’t have to worry about stinky breath, but make sure you smile often and don’t have your lunch stuck in your teeth.  They should only see your pretty white smile.  Whitening Strips

2)    Apply face tanner water and then apply some serum to make your skin glow and radiant.  The Water by Tan-Luxe

3)    Look the employer in the eyes and do not look into the camera. 

4)    Sit with good posture, chin up and hands in your lap. This is what I believe is the downfall to the virtual interview; you lose the importance of body language. Remember to lean into the camera when something interests you as you would at a conference table. 

5)    Keep a cheat sheet in front of you, to remember names, key messages, or anything else you don’t want to forget in the heat of the moment.  Don’t forget a water bottle as well.  If you are talking a lot and nervous, you will want to prevent dry mouth.

Confidence Boosting Essentials



Five tips on what to wear for a Virtual Interview

1)    Do not wear stripes.  Choose something solid. 

2)    I always recommend a feminine power suit with a flattering neck line and tasteful jewelry.

3)    Wear your hair up to show your jaw and neck line.

4)    Wear your power shoes if it makes you feel better.  If not, wear slippers.

a.     (caution though…Reid wore shorts in the interview and they asked about a drawing against the wall.  He naturally got up to show it to them on the screen and revealed his shorts and slides with socks!!!  It may have worked to his advantage in this situation.  They got a chuckle and put everyone at ease on the call.)

5)    Nude lipstick. You don’t want too bold of a color.

8 Blogging Tips

by Shalice Noel

trench worn in small // polka dot camisole from Express here is similar and similar // red day heels in size 9 (TTS so comfy!) // shorts // jeans // turquoise ring (similar)

1 // CONSISTENCY Post and write daily // Tell your audience what to expect and follow through.

2 // COLLABORATION Together we are stronger, do not shy away from partnering with a like minded bloggers. I once did a shoot with another fashion blogger, Sheryl from Walk in Wonderland and it was so fun! We shared each other on our blogs. Remember, collaboration over competition.

3 // BRANDING Think of your blog as your brand. Sit down and wrote down what your brand is about in 5 sentences.

4 // KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE Study you analytics, straight out ask them. Watch youtube videos on how to find your super power. Ask yourself what is something I know that no one else does or does as well as I do? Am I story telling? In marketing 101, we learn nothing is sold by just sharing facts. You must use story telling to sell your product. Are you telling your story and if so, how is your audience responding?

5 // JUST DO IT Not to sound cliché, but running a business is equal parts heart and head. Go outside the norm, challenge yourself. Do something that makes you scared. My college professor once said boldly, “Take holy risks.” I haven’t forgotten it.

6 // WORK HARDER AND SMARTER // Hustle, work until the work is done, make lists, and delegate. If you’re not good editing, find someone who is! Another pair of eyes is always helpful. I have a virtual assistant who is SO HELPFUL. Many days I wear many hats, from styling, creative directing, modeling to administration. All of it. You get the point! Don’t be afraid to jump in. If there is something you’re not an expert in, google it, and find someone who is. Don’t be afraid to reach out to another blogger. Collaborate! We all have separate gifts.

7 // STAY THE COURSE Slow and steady won the race.

8 // TEACH YOURSELF NEW THINGS, from hair braiding to coding to photoshop to video editing. A successful entrepreneur is ALWAYS learning.

Any tips you have? I’d love to hear.

Happy Thursday!

jeans H&M  :: top MISA Los Angeles :: bag Mar Y Sol :: earrings ADORNMONDE :: sunnies CHLOE and MCM

I started out blogging thrifting in Chicago. You would be amazed at what I would find: designer duds and quality basics. It also afforded me the freedom to go bold with my style. For example, I usually would find a $5 tee and $9 crazy stripe pants, so no sweat to the wallet. And if I didn’t end up liking it, I would just donate it back or sell it on my instagram shop @herchicboutique. It was a fun and mildly therapeutic habit. And habit it became. I would get a sitter so I could go down there and thrift. On the days I didn’t have a sitter, I would bring all four kids, two holding the cart (if they were being good) and two inside the cart. I would always bring tons of crackers and cringe at how many we left in our path. Hilarious. But I always found some treasures from Smythe blazers to James Pearse tees to Frame denim just to name a few, all of which I would boast to Reid when he got home. As a stylist, I was in heaven, the suspense of not knowing what I would find was addictive. Fast forward almost 4 years, and I love blogging, and I’m grateful to have brands sending clothes to me. However, occasionally I buy $39 jeans with a great hem, slash the knees and fray wherever necessary. So, that’s exactly what I did for today’s post. I love an under $50 item I don’t freak out when dirt, coffee, and the like get spilled on them. But I’m SO INCREDIBLY grateful for the people and places and faces I have had the pleasure of meeting through my blog and instagram and I will never forget that little dingy thrift shop where it all started, and the countless times my family, my uber driver, my neighbor, etc,  took pictures for me. Thank God. I would not be where I am today.