Friday FYI

by Shalice Noel

poncho 40% off with code TOPSTORY // sweater dress in small // boots in taupe // Fendi bag camel in large // earrings in gold

Can you take collagen while pregnant?

Yes, I did! My doctor didn’t have an issue with it, but always check with your dr if you’re unsure.

How old are you?


What are the nursing pills you take for milk production?

Legendairy Milk, I get the trio. I noticed a HUGE change in my milk supply ever since taking them.

How many scoops of collagen do you take?

2 scoops in my morning smoothie. Click HERE for my smoothie recipe!

What’s your muffin recipe?

Click here! They’re made with almond flour and delicious.

Is the Mango leather jacket worth it?

It looks WAY more expensive than it is. And it 30% off with code FAMILY19. See more Mango faves in THIS POST.

Did you always want a big family?

YES! For as long as I could remember, I wanted 6 kids. Five is pretty close to perfect.

Don’t forget, my shop page is open 24/7, you can follow me on the free app “shalicenoel” for quick links, and you can always “shop my instagrams.” Now, go make those blueberry muffins and Let me know how they turned out!

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