Shalice’s Fab 4 Smoothie

by Shalice Noel

First of all, what is a Fab4 Smoothie? It was founded by Kelly LaVeque, author of Body Love. She describes how this combination of smoothie doesn’t allow the sugar spike thanks to a balance of fat, protein, greens and a small amount of sugar. I’ve been enjoying it since I was pregnant and noticed more energy and sustained energy. On a good day, if I have this for breakfast, I’m not hungry till 12 or 1pm.

I’ve explained it in an earlier post, but here is the gist:

#FAB4Smoothie: Protein (20g minimum) + Fiber (10g minimum) + 1 Tbsp. Fat + Handful Greens + 1/4 Cup Fruit + Superfoods + Liquid

1 TB almond butter// 1 frozen banana // 1 cup frozen pineapple // 2 cups frozen organic spinach // 1 TB chia seeds // unsweetened almond milk // 2 meyer lemons (add at the end) //

Directions: blend till smooth in a vitamix or blender. I add the lemons at the end and drink immediately.

I explain more in this post about how I am changing the way our family eats.

How are you making healthy changes in 2019?

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