How I’m Changing the Way Our Family Eats

by Shalice Noel


How I’m Changing the Way Our Family Eats

I’ve been giving some serious thought recently to the way my family eats. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always tried to make sure we eat a pretty balanced diet, but being pregnant, I was thinking about things I could do to stay even healthier until the baby is born (and after, of course).

It all kind of started when I enjoyed a Q & A with Kelly LaVeque, author of Body Love. I asked myself these questions about making changes to our diet, “How would it practically look?” and “Will my kids eat it?” Because sometimes it’s easier to plan and imagine how your family eats compared to actually implementing the change. But I’ve recently learned a lot about protein and fats and eating to sustain and turning off the hunger signals with the right ration of protein and fiber. This is great information, but how does this look with kids? You moms out there definitely know what I mean. I figured I just had to start making the changes and see which ones my kids were most receptive to.

So, on a recent trip to Whole Foods, I put bok choy, kale, seed crackers, and yes, birthday cake into my cart. Because it’s all about balance, right? I want these changes to be sustainable, and cutting out all the foods my kids (ok, and me) enjoy definitely wouldn’t last long. I replaced the pretzels I’d usually buy with seed crackers and hummus or avocado, or I’ll make the Fab Four smoothie from Kelly’s book for snacks. Below is the “formula” for the smoothie:

#FAB4Smoothie: Protein (20g minimum) + Fiber (10g minimum) + 1 Tbsp. Fat + Handful Greens + 1/4 Cup Fruit + Superfoods + Liquid

I also learned about the adverse affects of heating up specific oils from the book, so I’m now making sure to use oils with a high smoke point like avocado oil or ghee, but I’m still using grape seed and olive oil for salads and dressings. What was especially helpful, though, was when I asked Kelly about my 8 year old who has daily sugar crashes. She advised I get her off the pancakes and syrup she loves and give her a vital farms egg, seed crackers with hummus or avocado, and the fab four smoothie. Kelly also suggested simply educating our daughter (and all of our kids) so she knows how to make these healthy choices on her own when she’s not eating at home.

Anyway, while we still have a ways to go, we’ve definitely made some positive changes that I’m really excited about. If you’re curious, here are some products I started using in my kitchen to nourish my family.

Vital farms eggs

Jillz crackers 

Avocado oil 

Cold press olive oil 

Primal kitchen collagen

Santa Cruz peanut butter 

Trader Joe’s Valencia Organic peanut butter 

What are some healthy changes you’re making or want to make in your life?

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