Mother’s Day Gift Guide

by Shalice Noel


When asked what I want for Mother’s Day, nothing really, maybe no cooking and a beach picnic? My kids usually give me chocolate and make the best homemade cards. What more could a girl want? HOWEVER, if hard pressed, I can find a couple goodies for the house and personal care itms like a silk pillowcase and lashboost that are necessities in my book. Let me know what you think!

1. Planter I need a couple more of these for the cabin, love!

2. Pillowcase I sleep on this every night and so should you! Its better for your face (less wrinkles) and hair. Yes, get it!
3. My Most asked about ring I love a pop of turquoise, and this one is pretty similar to my Granny’s ring and under $150
4. Long Soft Cardigan (its on sale!) I cannot wait to wear this over denim shorts, skirts, and everything in between. Especially for chilly nights at the cabin.
5.Gucci bag – love this rose color
6. Bamboo Bath Caddy Can’t wait to prop up my tea, chocolate and light reading on this baby. If you know me, you know, baths are my favorite!
7. Lash Boost It took me about 8 weeks to see results but not I’m hooked. I used to spend lots of time (and money) on 2 hr lash extension appointments, but now instead I apply LB on my lashes and brows at night. Natural growth has been the easiest to maintain and I like the fullness.
Honorable mention: HU Chocolate. I can’t get enough of their hazelnut butter one, so good! New Pj’s are never overrated, and these $39 Birks are life! So comfy and I tend to wear them all over the house.

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