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August 21, 2014
 He got a date with a dog.
Maybe one with mom next year

I’m that mom who let her 3yo throw a bag of marshmallows into the cart, acting like its a basketball. I’m sure he’d agree it was the highlight of his date. Sorry to the guy in aisle 10 who just missed the marshmallow bag. oooooops.

Everything is more fun with him.


MIL in person! Grainy and poorly lit but gosh, I thank God for this woman.
2 //
She found all the little things to her hearts content.
Love my little artist
I like the party section more than they do …
3 //
Come on mom, let’s gooooo! // “Necklace” was her sister’s creation

Look mom!

Always dancing
When I went to take the picture, she got out of the way. I told her, get in the pic! Dirty feet a bonus.

It was a time of undivided attention, saying yes to sugary drinks, hot chocolate, overpriced Madeleines, and their small toy of choice. She chose my little pony pens and a hello kitty notebook, both of which rested nicely under her arm as we shopped. As much as I share their excitement with new toys and paraphernalia, at the end of the day they don’t care for Legos, hello kitty or my little pony, they want me. This is made obvious by the fact that said toys are currently lost in one of the 10 piles in the playroom. Erg. All was made worth it when we walked through the door and she bragged like she went to Disney world, even the spilt hot chocolate and ruined skirt.
 I wouldn’t have it any other way.


My flats Steve Madden // Her Sandals Similar // Her Skirt Similar 

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