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Crop it

August 28, 2014
Behind the scenes, missing one per usual …

 Hats and baby limbs .. peculiar shadows on a gorgeous day
 If you were curious what poisonous berries look like …

She said she was tired so she did this …


I have always considered crop tops high on maintenance and low on modesty. (Something about showing the midriff screams high-school.) But when done right, I’m a fan. Thanks to the ever versatile Maxi dress, there is a way to bridge modest with the modern crop top, polished with a heel, hat or clutch. Wouldn’t mom be proud! This look is proof that modern can meet modest in the chicest of ways and fewest of pieces. It is that simple. Because motherhood is magical yet messy, and not withstanding preschool parties and manic Mondays, we can all afford to spend less time thinking about what we should wear. Even as I write, the glass coffee carafe was compromisedby my 17-month old. I actually saw him do it, but my mind was too busy juggling the dinner menu and the ever growing to-do list to stop it. Real life, people. In my home, nothing is clean, nowhere is quiet. But I’m doing what I love even if that means tripping on a maxi dress, breaking up fights, kissing boo boo’s, shopping the crop tops and munching on apples in the fitting room. And every now and then, I even remember to be grateful. 



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