Our Family’s Garmin Smartwatches

by Shalice Noel

my watch // the boys watches (THIS is an option for the girls too!)

You know that one thing you really needed but you didn’t know you needed till you have it? Well, that’s how I feel about the new Garmin watches my kids and I recently received. Here’s an example of the new normal in our house. I was in the dining room when I heard stomping and laughter in the foyer. I inquired what they were doing and my boys were doing stairs to gain more points on their new vívofit® jr. 2 watches. Hilarious but true. Each of those points they so arduously culminate translate to daily goals. When they meet their goals they receive coins and with coins I can track progress and deliver rewards as I see fit. Our house is abuzz with talk of earning point and rewards as you can imagine! The watch connects to the vívofit® jr. app on my phone.  Through the app, I’m even able to assign chores and alarms when the jobs need to be completed for coins.  The kids are remarkably motivated to get their tasks done.  The app also includes access to a game the kids can play when their goals have been met for the day.  The boys are also learning about time and having the digital watch has made them aware of what time of day it is…something new for us.

The new habits in our house aren’t just about the boys though. I’m building new habits this year as well. I’m wearing the new Garmin fēnix® 5 Plus.  It’s helped me realize my activity level throughout the day, my heart rate and through the Garmin app, I can even track my workout schedule.  Which is my new 2019 goal, to regularly and purposefully workout.  Carrying Levi all day no longer counts as my arm workout girlfriends!  The new watch fits into my lifestyle choices seamlessly.  I’m motivated to be better at what I do and I really dig the style of the watch.  My style choice of watches are always on the more masculine side.  I guess I like the weightiness and it makes me feel stronger as I’m pushing through a workout.  But I also like wearing it wherever we are headed.  Sunday night we went to the beach for a sunset stroll a little beach side workout or to the grocery store.  Plus, when Reid asked me what I did today I have evidence and can honestly say… I did 7,000 steps.  Gives new meaning to the Johnny Cash song, “I’ve been everywhere, Man”!  It’s my new normal.  What’s your new normal this year?

Some facts to get excited about:

Leave your cards at home, use Garmin Pay and make payments via your watch.
Play your favorite music from your phone using streaming services such as Spotify.
$30 off Vivomove HR and $20 off Vivofit Jr from February 3 to February 16.

Thank you Garmin for sponsoring this post!

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