by Shalice Noel

Drapey trench // Wrap Sweater // Hunter boots // Denim Shorts Similar // Red Brixton Hat

Whats that workout ring you use while sitting?

Its called a pilates ring and I use it to strengthen my thigh muscles. Actually, it can be used to strengthen almost every area of your body. it helps you isolate specific muscles you want to work on. Plus, it’s hardly an investment at $10 and up.

How old are you?


We know you love Chipotle. What is your usual order there?

I usually order a veggie bowl, white rice, pinto beans, cilantro on top, green salsa, cheese and guacamole. I squeeze a lemon on top. That’s it! I craved them so much when pregnant with Levi.

What shampoo/conditioner do you use and what was that treatment you called your “mom-hack?”

The treatment is called a “keratin treatment” I do it every 6 months or so and it straightens my hair with simply blow drying. I switched from Cavier (which I still love but just ran out of) to Amika. I use THIS detangling primer and THIS shampoo for my color. I have to ask my hair guy, Tim usually if he approves of what I’m trying. He’s really strict, lol, but he has brought my hair from blonde and broken to the longest and strongest its ever been!

What do you put into your coffee?

Vital Proteins Collagen powder. I write more about my routine here.

Who’s your inspiration?

Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Sienna Miller! Often, I get the most inspiration when I get off Instagram and go onto Pinterest and break out old french Vogue magazines I used to hide under my bed.

Favorite Make-up products?

I’m loving RMS concealereyelash curler, Nuface FIX I use under my eyes before make-up,

What belly band did you use when you were pregnant with Levi?

I bought the bella band in black and white and it was a  LIFESAVER. It’s on sale for under ten dollars right now.

How do you manage the blog and your family

I’d be lying if I said it is easy. Some days I spend more time on the blog, others at events and shoots. My job and family life has seasons of business and not as busy. I try and balance as much as I can but not everything is a hard cut balance and some days I put work aside and take my kids to the park. I try not to be guilty either way, because God knows my heart and my desire to be a godly wife and mother.

What is your fab 4 smoothie?

I wrote all about it here.

Do you do botox?

No, but I use the Nuface Fix for fine lines and wrinkles

That’s it for now. Let me know if I missed anyone’s question below or email me: shalice@shalicenoel.com.

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