What Happened When I tried the Nuface Fix

by Shalice Noel

I got a lot of questions when I featured this little tool in my stories the other day. Tera, the owner of NuFace, came to my house to give me a treatment with her new device – the FIX! I was so looking forward to this facial lift and it was just what I needed on a rainy Friday. Who doesn’t want to tone and lift their face? I saw the real results when she lifted the left half of my face and left the right side. OH MY. The left side was perky and lifted, the right side looked tired.

To get this result, she used both the mini device and the new FIX on my fine lines. Using both devices, she said, will give you the overall best results. I asked her when is the best time of day to use the FIX, she said she applies it in the morning or on the airplane or car. It has a convenient USB cord to recharge it. It also has a 3 min motor (it shuts off after 3 min), so you can do 3 min on each side of your face. And don’t forget the forehead!

She calls the FIX pen an “eraser.” The “mini” device lifts the neck as well. Don’t forget the neck – it’s the most forgotten part (at least it is for me) and SO important. No one wants a wrinkly neck. Watch how founder, Tera lifts her neck using the trinity here. One of the most frequently asked questions was if I can get just one product, which would it be? I would say the mini since it has an overall lifting and toning effect. I lost the charging cord to my mini, though, so I’ve been using the FIX daily. I’ve been loving my more “awake” look. It’s like a work-out for my face!

How do I use the Trinity device?

  1. Cleanse with an oil-free cleanser
  2. Apply the gel primer
  3. Start with your neck, glide towards the back of the neck
  4. Turn your device on – they recommend on ‘high’ but you can adjust to your comfort.
  5. Apply gel to jawline, cheeks, and forehead.
  6. Always glide slowly and in upward motion. Enjoy the results!

The “FIX” // The “Mini” // the “Trinity” // I just purchased this one today and sold out at Nordstrom but found here: “NuBody Skin Toning Device” I plan to use it on my stomach where my last birth left some marks, stay tuned for results! It promises to tone, firm, and smooth away the look of dimples and cellulite. My mom gave me the Nuface mini years ago and loved using it and the lift until I lost the power cord! Shop them below:

Please send any additional questions you have. Have a great weekend!

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