I finally found retinol without the irritation! I make time in between the craziness of raising 5 kids to use retinol because it helps ward against wrinkles and is gentle. I have sensitive skin and I’ve used these products for 14 days and zero irritation. While I’m a busy mom of 5, I’ve used Dr Dennis Gross Gel cleanser, universal daily peel, and Ferulic intense wrinkle cream. Have you tried them? I’ve raved about them so much so that Reid started trying them!

I laugh because when I just had one child – Atalie, I remember having so much time for a long drawn out skincare routine. Now, fast forward 13 years, and I am down to 3 items I use over and over again for glowy moisturized skin. Here they are below linked for easy shopping:


For oily, normal, dry or combination skin types, tones and smoothes skin.


AHAs help accelerate cell turnover to remove surface dullness and promote healthy, radiant skin. Hello glowy youthful skin!


For those curious why I love this cream, I’m 39! And wrinkles are a concern and this cream creates a hydrated complexion. Here’s what the cream offers: offers long lasting hydration, replenishes skin’s moisture barrier and creates a smooth soft and hydrated complexion. What’s in it? Hyaluronic acid, glycerin, arnica and centella asiatica for a creamy lotion that has AMAZING moisture. While we were in Florida last week, I noticed with the colder windy weather, my skin was drier but this lotion goes on lightly (not heavy) and moisturizes thoroughly!

I’m so excited they gave me a code! USE CODE SHALICE20 (excluding bundles, devices and gift cards)

Reid is a fan too. Let me know what questions you have in the comments below.

Thank you. Dr Dennis Gross for sponsoring this post! All opinions my own.

5 things that 2020 forced me to DIY

I don’t know about you, but 2020 was a strange year. It felt kinda crazy and isolating but I learned to pivot! 

I still wanted to feel good about myself, despite staying in more and things being closed, so I didn’t want to skip out on the spa treatments. A girl needs her beauty treatments!

First off, waxing! I get this kit from amazon. It’s $12 for the wax that I melt in the microwave. Lately, I’ve used a paper plate under the plastic wax bottle due to a few unfortunate spills. Trust me, the paper plate is a game-changer. I use these strips to peel off the hair. I use these to wax the bikini area, underarms, and upper lip. This takes practice, so give yourself some time to figure it out. But it’s so worth it!

EXTRA TIP: Finish off the area with this tanning lotion. VOILA!

I learned to color my roots using this kit I go with a lighter shade than my hair. I use light brown and apply on my roots mainly. I leave it on for 1 hour to get those stubborn grays. This doesn’t have chemicals, so I’m a fan.

I love self-tanning; it’s an instant mood boost! I use this mousse for legs and body, and tan oil for face.

I learned to tint my eyebrows You leave it on for 10 min and it tints your brows, making it easier to color in your brows and saves you some time.

Whiten my teeth I use these and Atalie uses them too. If you want a healthier version, try these.

Shop them below:

Skincare Game Changer

C E Ferulic // 3 Pack Bundle // Gentle Cleanser I also use this cleanser to melt off my makeup

I found the missing link to my skincare routine. It isn’t a cloth or something unattainable or crazy but serum! I love how it makes my skin glow. I’m in my thirties so I know I must make my skin and face a priority and invest in it. Speaking of, the drops aren’t cheap. If Levi ever wants to play with them, I take them right away. Too much has broken on the tile floors of our house! They currently have a bundle on sale, so “invest” and seize the opportunity, you won’t be disappointed. I haven’t yet used the Gentle Cleanser, but I can’t wait to see the results. I’m all about a double cleanse these days especially as were outside in the sun working on the yard. Lots of free radicals outside that we need to guard our skin against.

That’s my skincare secret, what’s yours? I’d love to hear!

Let’s talk skincare

Hi! During this stay at home order I’ve become a skincare junkie. I love exfoliating with a peel, dry brushing for circulation, and leaving on the elemis rose balm during an episode of the middle. It feels good taking care of myself. After all, a little at-home-spa is more than needed after a day of MOMLIFE, amiright? One thing that has really helped my skin in addition to my weekly routine is celery juice. I read that it can clear acne, but wow it actually got rid of the pimples on my nose!

Dermstore is having a huge 20% off sale, check out some of my favorites from Boscia face spray to cleansing balm.

But let’s first talk about the amazing spa in a bottle, Elemis rose cleansing balm . . .

Elemis Rose Cleansing Balm removes impurites, moisturizes and nourishes. Its a treat or SPA in a bottle. 20% off with code Summer

Did you know “retinol” is the number 1 searched skincare ingredient on Google? I haven’t always used retinol, but I left a facial appointment recently and the advice given to me was to continue with retinol 2-3 days a week. I know that in my 30s I need to take aging seriously and make use of the resources available to me. I spoke more about my routine here and how I’m sharing the importance of a skincare routine with my daughter Atalie. But after a little research, I found that finding affordable retinol is a challenge. I used another retinol product and it dried out my skin so I was hesitant to try again.

However, after just two weeks of use, I’ve noticed a brighter, smoother complexion. That’s why I got excited about this product from Olay! The best news is, Olay Retinol24 is only $28.99. That is less than 10 lattes! I’ll make note that out of all the products (there’s three in the Retinol24 collection), I liked the Olay Retinol24 night serum the best. Those who know me well know that I love serums! I found this one to be super moisturizing, smoothing and it had to be my favorite of the 3! I use 1 drop and that usually covers my whole face. And ladies, don’t forget an additional drop for your neck – you don’t want tech neck!

I thought I’d address some common questions about retinol and specifically what happened after I tried Olay Retinol24. Let’s dive into some questions, shall we?

1. What does Retinol do for your face?

After using the Olay Retinol24 night serum, I noticed smoother, brighter skin. Just after 24 hours, I noticed more hydration. Because I liked the results so much, I brought my Olay Retinol24 routine to Lake Arrowhead where it is notoriously dry and cold this time of year and it made a huge difference.

2. Which products have the highest amount of retinol?

Oddly enough, it doesn’t matter the amount of retinol in a product, rather it is the combination that should concern you. Retinol is a difficult ingredient because it degrades once exposed to the sun, air and heat. However, Olay’s formula stays stable from first to last use. Amazing! It’s an effective blend of Vitamin b3 and retinoid complex and more hydrating than the #1 best selling retinol on the market.

3. What are the side effects of retinol?

While 96% of women who tried Olay Retinol24 didn’t experience irritation, you can adjust how often you use. If you see any irritation, you can use 2-3 times a week instead of daily.

4. How do I personally use it? After I cleanse my face, I apply the Olay Retinol24 Night Serum before my moisturizer. It’s a milky consistency that leaves my skin feeling smooth and plump. One or two drops usually covers my face and neck and viola, younger-looking skin! What I do like is that it’s not a hard way to incorporate retinol into my skincare routine. I can accomplish this routine pretty fast and get back to putting the kids to bed, drinking chamomile tea, applying lavender oil and telling the kids no more water before bed. You know, the usual. But the best compliment was yesterday was when Reid looked at me in the car and said, you look younger. SCORE. I would definitely re-stock Olay Retinol24 Night Serum because A., it’s affordable and B. it WORKS.

Click HERE to try it for yourself

Thank you Olay for sponsoring this post. All opinions my own.

1. versed mask // 2. jelly peel // 3. foaming cleanser // 4.lip therapy 5. Cleanse Balm with scrubber (Atalie only uses the scrubber) 6. skin ceuticals serum 7. bliss moisturizer 8. Tula Cleanser (use code SHALICE for 20% off) 9. eye cream

A year ago, Atalie came to me and said mom look, I have these red things on my nose! Her 8 year old brother said, “woah, Atalie has a ton of bug bites on her nose!” While we found out they were in fact not bug bites but pimples. Atalie was entering puberty and I won’t lie, I was a little scared. She’s my first, our guinea pig who taught Reid and I so much about parenting. All I knew to do was give her clean beauty products, and the knowledge that I knew. I taught her there are 4 easy steps to washing your face:

  1. Rinse with lukewarm water to cleanse
  2. Use your fingertips to apply cleanser
  3. Use a washcloth or scrubber to wash your face.
  4. Apply serum and moisturizer

I handed her Tula cleanser (use code SHALICE for 20% off), a scrubber, and moisturizer and we were off. Our first mommy daughter clean your face party! I told her about pores and how to clean them with Biore strips, kinda fun to use, and you definitely look funny wearing them. Oh the price of beauty I tell her! I remind her that true beauty isn’t skin deep and that its the hidden person of the heart that really matters. Especially later in life and when faced with disappointment or heartache. We can take care of our bodies, exfoliate our faces, and moisturize our dry skin, but that is merely white washing the surface. Cultivating a beautiful heart is the highest calling. That, my friends, is what I tell my daughters.

“but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.” 1 Pt 3:4 ESV

*Shot on location at Park MGM Las Vegas

I got a lot of questions when I featured this little tool in my stories the other day. Tera, the owner of NuFace, came to my house to give me a treatment with her new device – the FIX! I was so looking forward to this facial lift and it was just what I needed on a rainy Friday. Who doesn’t want to tone and lift their face? I saw the real results when she lifted the left half of my face and left the right side. OH MY. The left side was perky and lifted, the right side looked tired.

To get this result, she used both the mini device and the new FIX on my fine lines. Using both devices, she said, will give you the overall best results. I asked her when is the best time of day to use the FIX, she said she applies it in the morning or on the airplane or car. It has a convenient USB cord to recharge it. It also has a 3 min motor (it shuts off after 3 min), so you can do 3 min on each side of your face. And don’t forget the forehead!

She calls the FIX pen an “eraser.” The “mini” device lifts the neck as well. Don’t forget the neck – it’s the most forgotten part (at least it is for me) and SO important. No one wants a wrinkly neck. Watch how founder, Tera lifts her neck using the trinity here. One of the most frequently asked questions was if I can get just one product, which would it be? I would say the mini since it has an overall lifting and toning effect. I lost the charging cord to my mini, though, so I’ve been using the FIX daily. I’ve been loving my more “awake” look. It’s like a work-out for my face!

How do I use the Trinity device?

  1. Cleanse with an oil-free cleanser
  2. Apply the gel primer
  3. Start with your neck, glide towards the back of the neck
  4. Turn your device on – they recommend on ‘high’ but you can adjust to your comfort.
  5. Apply gel to jawline, cheeks, and forehead.
  6. Always glide slowly and in upward motion. Enjoy the results!

The “FIX” // The “Mini” // the “Trinity” // I just purchased this one today and sold out at Nordstrom but found here: “NuBody Skin Toning Device” I plan to use it on my stomach where my last birth left some marks, stay tuned for results! It promises to tone, firm, and smooth away the look of dimples and cellulite. My mom gave me the Nuface mini years ago and loved using it and the lift until I lost the power cord! Shop them below:

Please send any additional questions you have. Have a great weekend!


Obsessing over the @FountainofTruthBeauty The Truth Insa-Face Lift Elixir from founder @giulianarancic, a lightweight treatment to help reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.  It includes the Super Bio-Ferment Complex (included in all Fountain of Truth products) to help achieve softer, smoother more luminous skin.  Shortly after giving birth to Levi, everyone was asking what I was using on my face for that glow. After using it for only a few days, I have noticed my skin feels tighter already. And did I mention, I love the smell!

Some of the clinical testing results that I felt were worth mentioning:  *97% of participants showed improvement in the appearance of crow’s feet fine lines and wrinkles after 24 hours  and 100% of participants showed improvement after 6 weeks.

The way I use it – after washing my face morning and night I apply about 1-2 pumps to face and neck area.  Simple as that!  And now you can try it too by using my personal code FOTLUVSHALICE for 20% off at fountainoftruthbeauty.com!



Last weekend, L’Occitane hosted a beautiful southern France inspired brunch here in LA. If you remember, I posted about the L’Occitruck arriving in LA, well this was their kick off brunch with LA influencers like myself. While I wasn’t able to attend personally since just giving birth to Levi, I sent Liz who captured the event here for you to see!

The smell of lavender was in the air, samples of tried of true customer favorites like Shea Butter Lotion was out to sample, and every color of macaroon available for your delight. It was indeed a lovely spread fit with a blue and yellow flower wall to kick it off. How enchanting!

Lavender Lemonade Mimosa from Food and Wine
Fill a pitcher two-thirds full with ice. Add the lemon juice and Lavender Tea Syrup. Stir briskly for 30 seconds to chill, then strain into 8 chilled flutes. Top each drink with 4 ounces of Prosecco. Garnish with sprigs of lavender.


Below, shop some of my favorites!

1. Reset Oil-in-Serum (I use this at night and yes it makes crows feet appear less visable. Try for yourself!) //2. Immortelle Divine Cream // 3. Immortelle Divine Eyes (the skin under our eyes is the thinnest, so to avoid wrinkles I apply this stuff!) 4. Immortelle Divine Youth Oil (I used this day and night until Reset Oil was introduced. Now, I use youth oil in the AM, and Reset in the PM. It makes my skin feel amazing!) 5. Immortelle Oil Make-up Remover (just that, I use it to remove my makeup!) 6. Immortelle Precious Mist LA is SO dry, so I like to spray this as much as I can after my cleansing routine and as a make-up setting spray.

I’m wearing Yumi Kim kimono similar in a DRESS VERSION // Levis cutoffs SIMILAR worn with a BELLA BAND// White BP tank // Cowboy boots

Early Saturday morning Reid and I and headed to The Grove to see the L’Occitane truck. Did you hear about it? It was soo adorable. It was this real vintage truck painted yellow. Nick from L’Occitane was there to share that this truck is a nod to their early beginnings when Olivier Baussan, a soap maker who in 1976 used a truck to sell his freshly milled soaps in the south of France.

What did the truck hold you ask? It was stuffed with their customer favorites as well as Christmas preview stocking stuffers! I picked up some of those very charming stocking stuffers for my mom and spritzed myself off during the heat of the LA sun.

I loved seeing some of my faves like the shea butter tin. I use it to lather primarily on dry spots and my belly to avoid stretch marks. I also spotted another one of my
favorites—the Reset Oil-in-Serum! One of the things L’Occitane does well is to not discontinue great products. It’s my pet peeve when companies end a good product.

I love that this charming truck is a nod to the company’s humble beginnings. It shared the basics that would change the way we wash our face and moisturize our bodies, the French way. Do yourself a favor if you’re in LA, and do not miss this charming truck and pick up a gift from Provence for your friends and yourself. 🙂 It’s there till the end of October.

Read more here about where the L’Occitruck is off to next!

Shop some of my favorites below like the shea butter that I lather on my belly 😉

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