5 things that 2020 forced me to DIY

by Shalice Noel

I don’t know about you, but 2020 was a strange year. It felt kinda crazy and isolating but I learned to pivot! 

I still wanted to feel good about myself, despite staying in more and things being closed, so I didn’t want to skip out on the spa treatments. A girl needs her beauty treatments!

First off, waxing! I get this kit from amazon. It’s $12 for the wax that I melt in the microwave. Lately, I’ve used a paper plate under the plastic wax bottle due to a few unfortunate spills. Trust me, the paper plate is a game-changer. I use these strips to peel off the hair. I use these to wax the bikini area, underarms, and upper lip. This takes practice, so give yourself some time to figure it out. But it’s so worth it!

EXTRA TIP: Finish off the area with this tanning foam. VIOLA! You’ll look like you got back from San Tropez! Use code SHALICE10

I learned to color my roots using this kit I go with a lighter shade than my hair. I use light brown in DPHUE OR 5N in Naturtint. I only apply to my roots, so to avoid wasting product, I mix 1 tablespoon of colorant and 1 T of developer. I leave it on for 1 hour to get those stubborn grays. This doesn’t have harsh chemicals or ammonia, so I’m a fan.

I love self-tanning; it’s an instant mood boost! I use this mousse for legs and body, and tan oil for face.

I learned to tint my eyebrows You leave it on for 10 min and it tints your brows, making it easier to color in your brows and saves you some time.

Whiten my teeth I use these and Atalie uses them too. If you want a healthier version, try these.

Shop them below:

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