5 Off the Shoulder Dresses

by Shalice Noel

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In my personal opinion, everyone needs a chill, off-the-shoulder dress that works for both errands (in gladiator sandals) and date night (with a wedge). Sometimes one needs practical and efficient, as well as fashionable. I’ve been budgeting my time by shooting looks once a week, writing copy when Reid is home and posting daily here at the blog. It’s been giving me more time to make dinner and play Legos with my little guys before they leave for school next month! Be sure to sign up via email to see what I’m working on next.

Shop my top 5 off the shoulder dresses:



TUNIC DRESS (under $80)


dress MISA LOS ANGELES (white version) / wedges AGL / sunnies RAY BAN ring SAMANTHA WILLS

shot on location at ISABEL MARANT with Felicia Lasala Photography

and MUA Molly Paddon

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Jennifer Do July 6, 2016 - 7:07 pm

You make me want more off shoulder pieces!

shalice noel July 6, 2016 - 7:12 pm

Ha! They’re just so flattering! Xo

Kremb de la Kremb July 6, 2016 - 8:14 pm

This dress! This is the one I saw in a snap and was like, Op! There’s another must-have SN piece! For now it’s the turquoise ring (that I’m still trying to figure out color wise–yours is nice an dark blue but the gold one on the site looks too light and the dark blue one doesn’t look good enough–tough decisions, I know. But please do weigh in if you can! ;P And now I’m off to see this dress. One moment….

Shoot! I had a feeling it might be beyond my budget…. Hmm….

Now, on to the daily posting and super organization that seems to have come to you–RIGHT ON!! I used to post daily on my blog M-F by 6:30 am every morning, but then, I just couldn’t keep up. Then I went to M, W and F in the evenings. Now, I’m lucky with two to three, and I have become less rigid. I can tell SN is your career though, and you are serious and making money. That is something I dream of, but for now, since I can’t seem to break through, I’ve stopped trying so hard. Cuz it’s really hard!

I’m super proud of you though and can’t believe how famous you are becoming. It must feel so good. I am very happy for you Shalice–sometime envious, but happy all the same! Fist pump!!

Keep up the great style and know that you inspire many!!

Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

PS I hope I didn’t rant too much up above. :S


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