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Ever since I can remember I’ve always had an interest in fashion and trying new outfits and looks. I love taking the same item and styling it differently with other accessories and bringing an entirely new outfit to life. My passion for this is really how my blog got started and has led me to where I’m at today. I’m so thankful I get to share the items and trends I’m loving along with mom and family life happenings as well.
I’m honestly in a place I never thought I’d be! An amazing husband and 5 kids (still getting used to this number!) and a lakehouse that is seriously a dream come true. And with fall officially underway and us still spending time at Lake Arrowhead, I’m kind of letting it inspire my style right now. One item I’ve been turning to over and over again recently are these Kork-Ease boots.
Have you ever had a Kork-Ease pair of shoes before? They’re made of absolutely incredible leather that is such high quality. These boots are sturdy, well made and very stylish so I’d say they check all the boxes. They go perfectly with cozy leggings or distressed skinnies and the heel height is perfect for anyone! Safe to say I’ll wearing these a lot this season.
What’s inspiring your style right now?
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If I’m being honest, it’s really difficult to set up and execute individual dates with my children. Especially when you have more than one, the effort to single one out for one-on-one time and find a sitter for the other three and manage it all can be a challenge. Of course it’s worth it though, and when it does work out, I value the time so much. I have no idea how, but I was recently able to have one of these dates with my oldest daughter and it just felt so special.

On this particular morning (key time for my kids, as they’re happiest in the morning!), we visited a local coffee shop—Maru Coffee—and my 8 year old ordered her usual chocolate croissant and me, a matcha latte. We talked about how she is, I asked her if I could improve anything, and I tried to get her to share her chocolate croissant, keyword—tried! I’m always shocked how a little, and I mean like 20-30 minutes, of face time (the kind without the screen) bears so much fruit. She was noticeably happier throughout the day after she and I had that alone time together. She was heard and we bonded—something that’s so important for moms and daughters.

I kept telling her how cute my hat looked on her! I just adore her sporty chic personal style, which is one thing I encourage my children to express. Like today, I picked out the dress she wore, however, she chose the silver shoes, white hat, and you may not see it, but a turquoise necklace. I try and give my kids the opportunity to be creative when they dress instead of controlling all the details. Any seasoned mother would tell you, you pick your battles, right? I continue to encourage her (and all my kids) to express her style in the way she dresses, the sports she chooses, instruments to play, etc. I want her to know that the most important thing is to just always be true to herself.

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Thank you KORK-EASE for sponsoring this post!