One of the things I appreciate most about my kids is their unique creativity. They each have their own traits, personality, and likes, and it’s been cool watching that evolve as they get older. Especially as the younger ones come out of their shell and have their own voice and style that’s different from their bigger brother or sister. Super cute!


So when I let them pick out their own SoYoung Inc. lunch boxes, it was a fun experiment to see them each choose a design. They were very excited to have their own, and that they weren’t all matching (which tends to happen when you’re buying multiples of something).


And as a mom who is constantly cleaning up after them (why are boys sooo messy?!), I love that these are raw linen and machine washable. Plus, they’re eco-friendly, so we’ve welcomed them with open arms in our house. No more brown bags for us.


I actually have my own, too, since they make adult versions. Great for when I’m working or on the go. Aren’t they cool? Officially bringing back the lunch boxes, but in a modern, way cooler way. If you’re curious to try a bag, use code “Shalice15%” to get 15% off your purchase!

Thank you SoYoung for sponsoring this post!

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