Packing essentials

trench dRA :: pants ASILIO :: top ASILIO :: bag GHURKA :: ring JPJ (dont forget to enter the GIVEAWAY

As a busy mom, I tend to keep things pretty simple because my life is anything but. Lots of “oops” happen when you are traveling with kids, and the way to prepare for that is to simplify. First off, in order of importance, pack blankies and snacks. Do not forget either or there will be general mayhem. For you, pack basics, NOT outfits. Of course, if you’re packing for a specific occasion that makes sense, but four days in Sedona mandates a swimsuit, tees, cut-offs, sneakers, and a great book. See? Simple.

As for my 6 travel essentials:

1 travel duffel / 2 bell sleeve blouse / 3 trench coat / 4 leather like leggings / 5 slinky heels / 6 chic sneakers / the rest are details: basics – soft tees, toiletries (deserves a whole post in itself) and snacks for kids (also deserves a separate post), and maps and travel guides.

 I can’t wait for our next adventure!

What are some of your tips?