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Reid and I have been looking at old pictures going down memory lane. We are shocked how fast our kids have grown! Where does time go? As I write, we have two teens in our house who happen to be obsessed with skincare. We’ve had some hilarious conversations about body odor, awkward situations and the best deodorants. It should be noted that my girls are super picky about their deodorant, both for its smell and appearance. This one in strawberry sparkle is their favorite hands down and available at target. Let me know what you think!

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Heart sweater // Pink Heart sweatshirt // Led Zeppelin sweatshirt

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The Targetstyle team recently asked me a couple questions about their new Cat & Jack line for back to school. Read on!

Which of the latest kids’ back-to-school- clothing trends at Target caught your eye the most, and why?

Three trends that especially caught my eye were distressed details, patches and metallics.  I’m especially a fan of the distressed style which is no secret.  Plus, the kids quickly put holes in their jeans from wear and tear so its one less thing to worry about! Thankfully, the kids were wild about the patches and metallics.
What are some of the top factors you consider when picking out your back-to-school clothing for your kid?
Picking out clothes for back to school season can be overwhelming.  What I look for are clothes that are comfortable and yet stylish so they will happily wear and express their unique personalities. I love the stripe tee with the lightening bolt since it will go with so many outfits. For the sake of my laundry, I appreciate clothing options that mix well with anything in their closet.  I prefer nothing matchy – matchy and how they style themselves can be so entertaining.  When your running out the door, you just have to go with it.   
Walk us through the selects you chose – what inspired you to select those options and how did you choose to style them?
My oldest daughter loves anything with glitter, so the metallic options were perfect for her.  The metallic backpack, star pattern skirt with stripe shirt will be her go-to items throughout the school year.  The second oldest is a bit more difficult.  She likes anything sporty.  Her first select was the brightly colored bomber jacket.  With that we chose more neutral denim with classic velvet sneakers.  Our son was giddy with the super hero choices, and was quickly showing off his high-top wings.  His look was one of my favorites. I mean, what’s not to like about a comic book patch sweatshirt and rocket ship shirt?

Any more questions we missed? Comment below! I’m excited to announce we’re also featured on Target’s blog, answering some questions about the collection and what my kids liked from it.

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