Reid’s shoes // Oldest boy shoes // Middle boy shoes // Levi’s toddler shoes (I went up a size for him)// My shoes are the Mode de vie, a pair from their lifestyle line: upscale suede, lightweight, and crazy comfortable.// Atalies shoes // Kate’s shoes Click the pictures below to shop:

It’s back to school time and the kids need new shoes again! I can’t believe my oldest is in a size 7.5 right now, how? She was a toddler eating dirt out of the back porch planters like yesterday. I’m not sure where time goes, but I do know where I like to buy shoes.

Mom tip: If you sign up for their rewards program and shop their seasonal sales, you save money. This is key when you have 5 children.

I’ve worn New Balance since high school, so it’s only fitting I buy New Balance for my kids. After all, the brand is notorious for its lightweight. quality, and classic style. Back to school is a great time to get your kids new quality sneakers for the fall. My kids absolutely love their new sneakers and I feel good giving them sneakers with support and comfort. I can barely keep up with them lately! Thankfully, their sneakers can. Clearly, DSW is a shopping destination for sneakers, athletic shoes and great selection. See more of DSW’s selection of New Balance below by clicking on the images to shop.

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Nite Jogger (size 9) in white/pink

This lightweight Nite Jogger, originally meant to stand out at night, is a perfect day statement that carries your look from the gym to shopping with friends. The colors were the first thing that drew me to the shoes. I LOVE the combination of pinks and mauve. It brings out my all black ensemble underneath my trench. The latter of which I’ll admit is my go-to outfit. I was pleasantly surprised with the complimentary fast shipping from Finish Line. The shoes are lightweight and fresh for spring. As for style, its a marriage between the dad sneaker and a chic running shoe. Stand out this spring in the hottest IT shoe. Get it before it sells out!
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1. BF cardigan FREE PEOPLE :: 2. because you realize your lips are DRY,  LIPBALM to the rescue (also doubles as skin balm).  3. Hydrating FACE MIST is a mix of hibiscus and rose water. Just what your derma ordered. Spray as directed. 4. leggings you won’t regret running errands in NORDSTROM :: 5.  a TEE that makes you look more sporty than you actually are, NIKE :: 6. From the moment you walk in the door SLIPPERS  ::7. Knit Sneaker ADIDAS :: (I also like THESE)






Did you know you can customize your running shoes from Nike? And is that exciting or terrifying? Well to be honest, I was terribly hesitant at first. With all the available colors and options, what if I made an ugly shoe? That’s a real fear, people! I really had to play around with a couple different styles before I settled on the NIKE ROSHE. But as you can imagine, I really got into it! A tip for those who are willing to try it–and I highly recommend trying it–do take multiple pictures of what you designed. I snapped different pictures of different colored soles and laces and then viewed inspiration in magazines and online stores. If you go with what you like and keep it simple, you’ll end up wearing them not only with your yoga pants but with your leather leggings! Practically speaking, I went with more neutral colors and stayed away from the neons. But that was my Tuesday choice. Who knows what would have happened on Wednesday? As for the two words you get to put behind the shoes, aka ‘the boss’ message, have fun! It was priceless seeing my husband’s eye-roll when he first saw my message. Who knew running shoes were so much fun? 

I’m wearing: NIKEiD ROSHE Love THESE too:: leatherette legging jean ag jeans:: top alo yoga:: BKR bottle :: 

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