Chores as a Party of 7!

by Shalice Noel

Introducing Your Kids to Household Chores

I get a lot of questions about chores in our family, and if so, how does it look. I wish it didn’t take management, and gently reminders, but it does.

It’s an exciting time around our house because the kids are finally reaching the age where they can take on a few household chores. Any other moms know this excitement? We’re starting off introducing a few things with our oldest child right now and she’s been a great help, especially with the other kids. I thought I’d share a few tips on what we’re doing to get started on this journey and if you have any of your own, please share too!
Create a visual

I’ve seen a lot of other mom friends do this and think it’s a great strategy. We’re working on making ours now and explaining to our oldest what needs to be done on what days. I think she’s catching on really well and so good so far.


Every parent knows a little bit of bribery goes a long way when it comes to getting your kids to do things. We try not to go too crazy with the bribes, but it also helps teach them about what it means to work. You try hard and do a good job, you get rewarded. Her incentives usually include small gifts (like getting to chose a favorite candy or snack. My kids like Ricola cough drops!) Another incentive is getting to go on a date with mommy or daddy.

Make it fun

I like to give her “fun” things to do or things that can be turned into a game. Like when she’s playing with her younger siblings and it actually doubles as a little babysitting time so I can clean the house or work.
We’re new to this so like I said above, if you have any tips on how to introduce kids to household chores, I’m all ears!


This is a short breakdown of who does what.

My oldest (age 11) does laundry. She takes the large basket from upstairs to downstairs and is responsible for folding and the others help take their folded clothes to their closet. This process sometimes takes 2 days I’ll admit!

My second daughter (age 9) is responsible for filling and clearing the dishwasher. She says she ‘hates her job,’ but she’s fast and does a good job.

My oldest son (age 8) is responsible for the ‘big trash.’ He takes out the trash and recycling for the family.

My younger son is 6, and is responsible for the ‘small trash.’ He empties all of the small waste bins from upstairs into the large trash downstairs.

I wish I could say, all 4 do their chores perfectly and without complaining but I’d be lying! If I give them a heads up, like “finish your chores before we head out to Brooks’ game.” And I try to give them ample time to do their chores before we leave. It is far from perfect, but these chores are age appropriate and REALLY do help our family as a whole. With 7, people we have 7x the mess. So each and every chores blesses the whole family.

How about you, what has worked for your family? I’m all ears!

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