Why you should sign up for Lifeforce Diagnostic

by Shalice Noel

Have you heard of Lifeforce? It’s a game changer.

I met with my functional life force doctor yesterday. We reviewed the results of my recent lab tests, comparing them side by side with those taken three months ago. Many of the metrics showed improvement, while some remained unchanged and others did not. This experience has been incredibly enlightening in terms of understanding my body better.

I’ve been delving deeply into the realm of hormones, exploring how to support them and the consequences of neglecting their needs. In short, the repercussions can be dire! To address my low hormone levels, particularly progesterone and testosterone, I’ve incorporated low-dose supplementation into my daily routine. Low levels of these hormones can significantly impact energy levels, libido, and overall vitality. Notably, symptoms such as headaches and fatigue often signal insufficient progesterone. Have you ever checked your hormone levels?

Personally, I’ve found that regular consultations with a functional doctor and diligent monitoring of my lab results every three months have been immensely beneficial. This approach has not only educated me about health matters but has also addressed issues like headaches and sleep disturbances. Did you know that they analyze over 40 essential biomarkers? Perhaps this could also be beneficial for you. Don’t hesitate to take action for your health. You can sign up for LIFEFORCE here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you sign up?

First thing I did to join Lifeforce? Signed up online, easy peasy. Then, scheduled my diagnostic bloodwork and filled out a detailed health questionnaire. Best part? A phlebotomist comes to you – perfect for busy moms like me!

Where do I see my results?

Lifeforce hooks you up with a personalized dashboard showing all your biomarkers and health stats. I’ve learned a ton about my body and how to keep it in top shape. Next step? Meet your Lifeforce Clinician for a virtual chat.

Ok, what next?

Your clinician crafts a personalized plan just for you – supplements, meds, lifestyle tips, you name it. Plus, you get a health coach to keep you on track every day. Love my Zoom sessions with them!

And the cherry on top? Repeat testing and chats every 3 months to keep fine-tuning your health. How awesome is that?

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