Have you heard of Lifeforce? It’s a game changer.

I met with my functional life force doctor yesterday. We reviewed the results of my recent lab tests, comparing them side by side with those taken three months ago. Many of the metrics showed improvement, while some remained unchanged and others did not. This experience has been incredibly enlightening in terms of understanding my body better.

I’ve been delving deeply into the realm of hormones, exploring how to support them and the consequences of neglecting their needs. In short, the repercussions can be dire! To address my low hormone levels, particularly progesterone and testosterone, I’ve incorporated low-dose supplementation into my daily routine. Low levels of these hormones can significantly impact energy levels, libido, and overall vitality. Notably, symptoms such as headaches and fatigue often signal insufficient progesterone. Have you ever checked your hormone levels?

Personally, I’ve found that regular consultations with a functional doctor and diligent monitoring of my lab results every three months have been immensely beneficial. This approach has not only educated me about health matters but has also addressed issues like headaches and sleep disturbances. Did you know that they analyze over 40 essential biomarkers? Perhaps this could also be beneficial for you. Don’t hesitate to take action for your health. You can sign up for LIFEFORCE here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you sign up?

First thing I did to join Lifeforce? Signed up online, easy peasy. Then, scheduled my diagnostic bloodwork and filled out a detailed health questionnaire. Best part? A phlebotomist comes to you – perfect for busy moms like me!

Where do I see my results?

Lifeforce hooks you up with a personalized dashboard showing all your biomarkers and health stats. I’ve learned a ton about my body and how to keep it in top shape. Next step? Meet your Lifeforce Clinician for a virtual chat.

Ok, what next?

Your clinician crafts a personalized plan just for you – supplements, meds, lifestyle tips, you name it. Plus, you get a health coach to keep you on track every day. Love my Zoom sessions with them!

And the cherry on top? Repeat testing and chats every 3 months to keep fine-tuning your health. How awesome is that?

Use my promotional link for $250 off  – $549 $299 then $129 per month, start HERE to learn more.

Lean Body System Sale

by Shalice Noel

Starting April 12, tomorrow

SALE: tomorrow (4/12) take $10 off TRIM collections. Orders over $200 receive free TRIM travel pack and carb blocker. Hurry before they sell out. The chocolate trim tastes like pudding and doesn’t require refrigeration. If you just have a budget for the lean body system, you’ll still get $10 off and a free carb blocker. Win-win!

Shalice, what is the “Carb Blocker?” It features white kidney bean extract, which is proven to delay the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. When combined with a reduced-calorie diet and exercise program, it helps you achieve your weight management goals.

About Liquid biocell/HA Collagen and how it’s different then the rest:

  • Counteracts skin’s natural aging and photoaging from the inside out*
  • Improves skin’s hydration, firmness and elasticity*
  • Increases skin’s collagen content*
  • Reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles and lines*
  • Helps improve skin’s microcirculation and skin tone*
  • Reduces hyaluronidase, the enzyme that causes skin aging*
  • Promotes healthy hair, nails, gums and eyes*

In human clinical trials, hyaluronic acid levels increased by 6000% over 28 days reducing wrinkles from the inside out.

If you’d like, shop the lean body system, (I prefer the flavor lemon trim) HERE

use code SHALICE for $10 off


This is not your average multi vitamin. Do you know what foundational nutrition means? It means that it creates real change in the body.

With 30 crucial nutrients 4 bioavailable bioactive formulas: multivitamin, antioxident/adaptogen, vitality complex and omega complete that is sugar free, non-gmo, dairy free, and gluten free.

Why I love it?

It is so easy to take for busy mom life. I include a pack in my purse for convenience and I get 30 biologically integrated nutrients. Done! Optipack paired with my 2 bottles of life that I take per month makes for optimal hair growth. See my last picture of my hair growth below:

Read more about it here!

$10 off with code SHALICE, don’t forget to select “subscribe and save” for clean credits and additional percentage off.

Modere Black Friday Sale!

by Shalice Noel

Photo from A Thoughtful Place

Collagen can be confusing. There are multiple kinds and there is a huge (once a year sale) Here are some Important facts to note to help you best shop the sale.

The sale starts TODAY at 6pm mountain time, 8pm eastern standard time

Not all the collections are 30% off

You have to buy one of the packages to get the sale and the free gifts with purchase.

Packages with 8 or more qualify for free shipping

If you spend $99, get a free bottle of Carb blocker, OR spend $199 or more, you get the TRIM travel package (singles)

What I bought: blackberry lean body system because I take burn daily for energy to keep up with my super energetic 5 kids, Travel singles and Liquid biocell collection (5 total) for 30% off.

Use code SHALICE to get $10 off if you’re a new customer. Yes, this is stackable with the sale 😉 Tip: I opened an account for Reid so I could still get the new customer $10 off.

Guess what? Christmas is in 38 days, these collections make great gifts!

Happy Shopping!

Ask any questions directly to

Give the gift of balance this Christmas season!

It’s gift giving time and its a great time to gift yourself and a friend cbd! I’m a huge fan of their oils, gels, relief cream and rollers. I just checked and their calming rollers are out of stock! I do not leave the house without either of these products. If you’re sensitive to taste, try the cranberry or mint drops and let me know which is your favorite!

1. Slippers 2. Robe 3. Relief cream 4. Season of intention 5. Daily drops in cranberry 6. Joy of sleep set

Use Code ShaliceNoel for 15% off buildable discount!

WHO: Equilibria CBD
WHAT: CBD oil is sourced from a flower. This flower is hand-picked and full of flavonoids, phytocannabinoids, and terpenes. What I find cool is how it works in the body.

3 Main Products:

Daily Softgels: These are taken like vitamins and are slow release. I take one after dinner or before bed. I sleep SO WELL. 

The Daily Drops: The drops are one of their fast acting products and the one I use most often. I hold the oil under my tongue for 30-60 seconds before swallowing to bypass the digestive system, which means fast absorption and faster results!  If I know I have an intense conference call or the general 4pm crazy hour, I make sure to “microdose” with the daily drops. I feel like the amount of oil in a full dropper is too much, so I’ll do 1/2 a dropper, usually at lunch. It tastes like the plant TBH. And the experts tell me that if it doesn’t taste like the plant, you probably have a bad source of CBD. Always check your sources! 

Relief Cream: This topical cream is for targeted relief. It has arnica, menthol, and a whopping 500mg of CBD in it! Reid takes the relief cream for his sore shoulder. He has tried so many things and this is the only cream that has brought relief. He even sleeps well on those nights his shoulder is acting up and he uses the cream. It’s a powerful cream that has helped my mom’s sore ankles and dad’s sore knees. I personally use it for period cramps, sore back, sore neck from holding Levi and sore feet after a day of wearing heels. (Sometimes you need to suffer for fashion.) 

WHERE: It is federally legal and single-sourced from a 1,100 acre organic farm in Colorado. All CBD is NOT created equal–there’s a lot of sketchy stuff out there, but their products are made on their organic farm from start to finish, ensuring each batch is 110% safe. They adhere to medical grade production standards–because you deserve the best!

HOW: Be patient because it may take up to three months to regulate the dosage and see your best results. I’ve been taking it since the end of January and am already noticing differences in my mood and focus. Stay consistent.
Equilibria is created by women for women. More exciting products to come! Click here for more information about Equilibria. Their motto is “For Women, By Women.” 

Buying Tips:
What should I do, a one-off or subscription?

I’d recommend the subscription of the Balance Box for the best value. Don’t worry, you can cancel at any time! I just buy the relief cream as needed. I just gave my mom one; she loves it!
Last but not least, they have given me a code to share with you!

USE CODE SHALICENOEL for 15% off your first order. A subscription is the smartest option. Thank you for reading this. Forward any questions!

As per FDA guidelines, Equilibria is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any ailments or disease. As always, consult with your physician before starting any new program that may interact with your current health plan.

Big thanks to Equilibria for sponsoring this post!

Dear Friends, 

Today is the day!! Modere has very few sales, and this is one of them!

I feel like Oprah when I say, TODAY IS THEIR BLACK FRIDAY SALE!


Don’t forget to go the SHOP BLACK FRIDAY SALES tab

 You already know if you follow me on my blog and stories, that I’m a huge fan of liquid collagen. I have had knee discomfort relief within 2 weeks of using it and awesome healthy full hair within 6 weeks.  Although results may vary and it is important to take your vitamins for optimum absorption, I’m seen very positive results in 3 months.

It dawned on my one day as I was applying expensive serum, that we are so concerned with applying collagen, HA, and vitamins to our faces that we forget we need to ingest hyaluronic acid and liquid collagen. Within 2 weeks of taking the liquid collagen, my knee discomfort had subsided. That’s saying a lot for a 37 year old mother of 5 children!
As promised, I told you all I’d let you know when the collagen sale would go live. Well guess what, they’re having a sale! The sale is good from November 16, to November 28, while supplies last!
Today is a perfect time to take advantage of 30% off Liquid Biocell collagen, 5 pack of body butter and cell proof lip complex. I swear by the laundry detergent, they’re debuting a new flavor blackberry trim, my kids love the body butter and I use their eye makeup remover. Honestly, so many favorites.
If you’re new to the site, I’m available for you to shoot me any questions, simply reply to this email, or here:
Can I use your code?
Yes! Use code 3697593, for $10 off for first time customers 

How do you take it? 
I take 1 tablespoon in the morning and I tablespoon at night of liquid biocell life. 
I take 1 tablespoon of lemon trim in the AM. 
Give it at least 3 months of consistency.

What I’ve noticed so far taking the biocell LIFE collagen: 
Skin is more youthful 
Smoother and tighter skin even on belly 

What I’ve noticed with trim but results will vary:

I’m not craving gummy bears
Not always hungry 
Fluff is gone 
Body composition is leaning out
And while we’re talking about sales, Beauty Counter is having 15% off site wide! I love their lipstick the most, in “B. fearless”
See the Black Friday deals below, good from November 16, to November 28, while supplies last!
Shop my cart HERE 
Use code 3697593, for $10 off for first time customers. 
Want free products? Share your code! For every friend you refer with your own code, the company gives you free product credits toward your monthly order. Pretty cool right?

All I want for Christmas is liquid COLLAGEN! ?

You already know if you follow me on my blog and stories, that I’m a huge fan of liquid collagen. I have had knee joint pain gone within 2 weeks of using it and awesome hair growth within 6 weeks.  Although, the latter has afforded me more gray hairs and more need for coloring my hair. Who knew more hair growth means more work? I’ll take it. 

Guess what?! Modere is having their pre-sale today, and only open to existing customers

If you’re an existing customer, today is a great time to take advantage of the 30% off Liquid biocell collagen, 5 pack of body butter and many others. I swear by the laundry detergent, they’re debuting a new flavor blackberry, my kids love the body butter and I use their eye makeup remover that’s SO gentle! Honestly, so many favorites. Below are some FAQ:

Can I use your code?

Yes! Use code 3697593, for $10 off for first time customers 

How do you take it? 

I take 1 tablespoon in the morning and I tablespoon at night of liquid biocell life. I take 1 tablespoon of trim in the AM. 

What I’ve noticed so far taking the biocell LIFE collagen: 

Hair growth, less inflammation, pain decreased, no more knee joint discomfort. Nails are crazy growing, hair is thicker and healthier skin. In addition, my skin is looking more youthful, smoother and tighter even on my belly. 

What I’ve noticed with trim:

I’m not craving gummy bears, not always hungry, fluff is gone, and body composition is leaning out.

See the Black Friday deals below, good from November 16, to November 28, while supplies last!

I’m available for you to shoot me any questions, simply reply to this email, or here:

Q and A – collagen

by Shalice Noel

Most of you know I’ve been taking liquid collagen. I have been taking vital protein collagen peptides since I was pregnant with Levi, but I recently ran out and decided to try something new. I had a couple followers ask me if I’ve tried liquid collagen since it has a 90% absorption rate versus 30% for a powder. I put it off for months and said not now, until a follower said, my husband co-founded this, can I send you some. WOW. Within 4 weeks, I had less knee joint pain, more hair growth, and my skin looks great. I sent some of my dad’s birthday, and he called me saying wow this has helped his knee joint pain SO much and that he wants a link to share it with his brother in MN! Please forward any additional questions. I love hearing from you!

Here are a sample of the questions I’ve been asked lately.

Can I just take the LIFE and not TRIM?

Yes! Some girls have 2 bottles of LIFE on smart ship, 2 tablespoons of LIFE a day equals 2 bottles a month. Take the LIFE, and you can experience all the benefits of liquid collagen!

When will I start seeing the benefits?

They say to give it 3 months, I saw less joint discomfort within 2 weeks of taking it, and hair growth (hello baby hairs!) at 6 weeks.

Which flavors do I buy?

I tried the chocolate in trim, but I didn’t like the flavor. However, worth noting, the chocolate is gluten free. I like the trim in lemon or mango, its tangy and yummy.

What’s the discount code?

 3697593 for $10 off or select “smart ship” for a discount!

Can I get a link?

HERE is a sample of my cart.

Give me the 411 on Trim . . .

Trim features an innovative first in the world combination of two leading technologies for a body transformation experience CLA to accelerate fat reduction and collagen HA matrix technology to improve muscle tone and restore youthful skin. CLA has been shown to decrease body fat. CLA not only supports fat metabolism, it actually helps block fat transport from the bloodstream into fat cells. Multi-patented award-winning Collagen HA matrix technology replenishes collagen and HA (hyaluronic acid) levels in a highly absorbable form restoring youthful looking skin and supporting joint and muscle fitness. What are you waiting for?

How does Burn work, what’s in it, and when do you take it?

I take one capsule in the AM with breakfast. It has caffeine so it gives me energy (for that afternoon slump) but no jitters.

Burn is a scientifically formulated thermogenic that increases your metabolism with a powerful blend of plant-derived, fat-burning ingredients.*

A potent coastal seaweed extract, fucoxanthin has been shown to promote fat oxidation. Burn contains three times more than leading brands.*

Berberine from the Indian barberry plant and essential chromium complete the trio of key ingredients. Both help to support healthy blood glucose levels within the normal range, to ultimately reduce unwanted cravings.*

Finally, olive fruit extract adds nutritional support while coffee bean and green tea supply natural caffeine. The result? Burn is so effective, we’ve included it in both the M3 weight management system and our Lean Body Sculpting System.*

Why is LIFE liquid collagen different? Give me the science behind it

It’s award-winning multi-patented and Collagen HA (hyaluronic acid) matrix technology is clinically shown to improve joint mobility reduce discomfort and promote healthy cartilage and connective tissue. It gets better . . . Liquid Biocell reduces wrinkles from the inside out and even goes an important step further — it helps reduce the enzyme that can make your skin age. How cool is that?

How do you take it?

1 tablespoon of LIFE and TRIM in the AM and 1 tablespoon of LIFE in the PM.

How do I get free liquid collagen? LOL Is that possible?

Funny you ask, YES! Use your referral code, add it to your Christmas card even, and tell your friends and family to use that code when they purchase. They get $10 off and you get product credits FOR FREE LIQUID GOLD.

Have additional questions?

Email me, Thanks for reading!

Equilibria Q & A

by Shalice Noel

Many of you already know, I use my Equilibria throughout my day. I actually wonder how I lived without it? A certain amount of anxiety and sleepless nights is to be expected in these uncertain times. Therefore, CBD is essential right now for me as a mom, wife and business owner. Reid sees the biggest change in me when I don’t take it. I challenge you to take Equilibria CBD and then ask your significant other to see if they notice any difference.

Read more below on Equilibria’s safety and efficacy. Something I even questioned when I first heard about cbd.

Is Equilibria safe?

Just like beauty products, all CBD is not created equal when it comes to quality, efficacy, and safety. Because it’s not regulated by the FDA, new brands pop up every day with untested products and zero disclosure as to where they are sourced from- yikes!

Equilibria is different because of their dedication to producing the highest quality, ethically sourced, fully traceable, third-party tested CBD products. They own their own farm and supply chain, and oversee the production in-house from start to finish, following all the strict farming practices that a medical hemp farm would use—even though they don’t have to! 

Why you will get the most out of Equilibria products?

Two reasons why you will get the MOST out of Equilibria products: 

1. Their product is derived from the hemp FLOWER only. This is the purest source of CBD. Other brands also use stalks, stems, and leaves from the plant–but this is much lower grade and therefore results in a less quality product! Their formula is proprietary–meaning no other brand can replicate it. 

2. EVERY EQ customer is assigned to a dosage specialist who has a professional background in cannabis. (Think of her as your dosage COUNSELOR). She works with you one on one to understand your goals, and helps come up with a customized routine. Everyone’s bodies and needs are different–so there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” CBD routine!

Why CBD works for so many different issues: 

Fun fact: Humans have a series of receptors in their body called the Endocannabinoid System (or ECS for short). 

Our bodies naturally create molecular compounds called endocannabinoids that interact with these receptors by turning them on or off to help manage things like sleep, mood, pain regulation, and inflammation. The ECS directly affects the female reproductive system and its entire job is to maintain balance in our body by constantly regulating these receptors. 

As we get older, and we experience stress, our bodies stop creating as many of these endocannabinoids, which means our system stops functioning as well. How do we replenish those lost endocannabinoids to get the body back in balance? You guessed it–with CBD! 

This is why CBD is thought to be so effective in so many areas. When we use CBD, we are replicating what our body already naturally creates with a plant substance that does a similar job. Our bodies are already built to accept these phytocannabinoids as though they were made in our own bodies! 

Where to start once you get your first box: 

The EQ dosage team recommends starting with a 10mg softgel every morning after breakfast and 10mg (one full dropper/1mL) of Daily Drops in the evening. Remember, consistency is key! Finding the right dose for you can take some time, this is why Equilibria has a team of dosage specialists to help come up with the right routine! Make sure to set up a dosage consultation to find the right dose and regimen for you! I order the balance box every month and really like the convenience of it!

CBD may be right for you if…. 

  • If you wake up at night and can’t go back to sleep because your mind is racing
  • If your brain won’t turn off and prevents you from falling asleep 
  • If your patience level with your kids is negative zero and you’re pulling your hair out 
  • If you are really sick of Zoom calls 
  • If that looming work presentation makes your anxiety spike 
  • If your period cramps are THE WORST 
  • If you look at the time every day thinking, “is it time for wine yet?!” but it’s only 3pm 

Use the code shalicenoel for 15% off! Any further questions?

Email me or comment here.

Beauty Counter is clean beauty

Growing up, my mom was a health and healthy lifestyle advocate.

We would drive miles and miles to a natural food store with dirt floors and pick up bulk food at a co-op. It was no question, that if the meat had antibiotics in it, we didn’t get it. We also made our own calcium pills from egg shells and HAD to drink the full glass of carrot juice, no chaser! I remember shopping with her and a butcher was laughing at my mom when she asked if there were any antibiotics in the meat. I even felt uncomfortable that she ALWAYS asked what the ingredients were or the mode of food preparation, especially when it was’t listed. In addition, she ALWAYS used clean beauty, lipstick without junk she said, and never were allowed to use conventional baby soap. All that to say, she was not only before her time, her actions are respectable. She was our advocate. She wanted to give her 4 children a legacy of good health and a healthy constitution, and guess what, I do too.

A PR company sent some Beauty Counter lipstick , and I guess you could say that changed everything. I didn’t just love it, I LOVED it!! It wasn’t just the perfect color, it was moisturizing, and minty. I only regret that my son got into it and the better half of it sits on his shirt. Since we eat 9 lbs of lipstick in their lifetime, I care about the amount of toxins in my lipstick. This is fortified with jojoba and castor seed oil. If you’re curious, they list the ingredients by the product description.

Atalie is going on 13 years old and there is NO WAY I am giving her junk in the form of toxins and things I can’t even pronounce.

Clean beauty is the future.

Did you know that Beauty Counter restricts 1800 ingredients from their products? That’s almost 2,000 ingredients you don’t want to put on your face or skin. Which is your largest organ. Whether you’re a cancer fighter, survivor, or concerned parent like myself, Clean beauty is the future. As far as makeup goes, I’ve always been a fan of the barely there and healthy glow makeup look. If someone is caked in foundation, you can see that, and I’ve worn it before and it feels like an unhealthy mask, I can’t wait to take off. I won’t name names, but the last time I used conventional foundation by a very well loved brand, I was sitting in church, 11 am or so, and my skin was tightening and I found myself looking in my bag for a facial spray because my skin was SO DRY. I want my makeup to have minerals in it, I want my makeup to help my skin not hurt it. I want my makeup to have vitamins that make my skin G L O W. because when skin in healthy it already glows with minimal makeup.

Learn more of their ingredient selection, HERE!

I now am a Beauty Counter distributor. Which means I get sneak peaks of cool products, discounted product, and commission to support my family. ASK ANY QUESTIONS.

I’m still learning about the toxic free revolution that Beauty Counter that has hit the beauty industry. My only regret is that, I started too late. If you’d like to make some side money and join my team, email me In the meantime, I rounded up some favorite products I’ve used from skincare to makeup. . . .

Products I’m loving so far . . . .

Lotus Cleansing Balm – love this balm that melts off all my makeup!

Serum, goes on light with Vit C in it! A cult favorite.

This lipstick I WEAR EVERYDAY, just ask Reid. I get color “Be fearless” It gives me a go get em attitude, with color, moisture and mint. What more could a girl ask for? (ask me how to get a discount!)

Want a toxic free skincare regimen? I started using the Countertime Collection and loving the results. I have sensitive skin and my skin looks so healthy.

Just ordered concealer in Medium 1

Lip gloss in “peony” that my daughters both like

Ask any questions, thanks for shopping with me! Ask me how to get a discount, to get your toxic-free products! Sharing more of my healthy lifestyle and diet in this post.

All the best, Shalice

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