One thing is for sure, during this time of uncertainty, CBD has been helping me cope with stress and anxiety. I’ve been using Equilibria CBD since January and thought I needed it with 5 kids, a business etc. After this virus, I feel like I need it just as much if not more so. If you agree, read on, and if I don’t answer your question below, feel free to comment below or email me, More information is on THIS BLOGPOST, so don’t miss it as I explain more of the science behind the CBD.

It’s a new site and I’m lost. What do you order?

I order the “Balance Box.” I get it monthly, can cancel at any time. Use code shalicenoel for 15% off!

If I take too much, will I get sleepy?

You will be matched with a dosage specialist who will help you determine what is your exact. I really enjoyed the phone call with my dosage specialist.

When did you start noticing benefits?

Right away! Some people are different so they say it can take up to 3 months to feel the full benefits. You should take it every day for optimum results.

I can’t do both, oils or gels?

Gels! They’re slow release and give me awesome sleep.

Do you take both, the drops and the gels?

Yes! I take a gel at breakfast, 1 full dropper at lunch, and 1 gel with dinner. The gels are slow release and the dropper is fast acting. You need both for great results.

What has been the biggest change since you’ve taken it?

Two things! Really good sleep and I don’t have the pit in my stomach anxiety I get occasionally.

What time do you take the gel, and how long does it last?

The soft gels absorb more slowly since they need to pass through the digestive system. But that means they also last longer in your system: between 5-12 hours.

Any more questions? Comment below!

Use code shalicenoel for 15% off!

Confession: my jeans are tight. I’ve been living in joggers and pj’s till 12 noon. Or later. However, I have started, by day 25 of quarantine, to get dressed, make my bed, and get some blog posts on here! I’m not a dietician, or doctor, but I have included some of my personal tips for avoiding gaining weight during this time at home.


We need to train ourselves to drink water. We go through our days drinking coffee, smoothies, more coffee, and then we wonder why we have an afternoon headache. We are dehydrated! Here’s a tip: Drink 3 glasses of water before 12 noon. This helps a lot. You should drink a total of 8 glasses a day, and if that feels like too much, lemon water helps. Also, when I get a hankering for a peanut butter cup (more on this later) I make a (calorie-free) lemonade.

Calorie Free Lemonade

8 oz filtered water

1 lemon, squeezed

1 full dropper of stevia

5 cubes of ice

Mix all ingredients and enjoy!

Add Fab4 smoothie to your breakfast routine

I feel more fueled and focused when I have my Fab4 smoothie, originally published HERE.

#FAB4Smoothie: Protein (20g minimum) + Fiber (10g minimum) + 1 Tbsp. Fat + Handful Greens + 1/4 Cup Fruit + Superfoods + Liquid

2 scoops Vital Proteins collagen powder // 1 TB almond butter// 1 frozen banana // 1 cup frozen pineapple // 2 cups frozen organic spinach // 1 TB chia seeds // unsweetened almond milk // 2 meyer lemons (add at the end) //

Directions: blend till smooth in a vitamix or blender. I add the lemons at the end and drink immediately.

I explain more in this post about how I am changing the way our family eats.

Add a pilates ring to your routine

I place it in between my thighs while I sit for a thigh workout. Try doing it 100x!

Drink ACV

Add 2 tablespoons to water and ice and drink before a meal. Reid and I have one after dinner. Whenever it makes sense, just add this to your regimen.

American Eagle



I’m not sure if you’re aware, but Nordstrom is having a HUGE sale. I rounded up some favorites including my shoes on sale!

SkinCeuticals take 15% off!

As always, my shop page is open 24/7, ask any questions and let me know how you are staying fit and healthy during these times. What are your plans this weekend? Reid and I will take the kids to our friends’ pool to swim. Don’t worry, we will still be practicing social distancing. And thanks to the high temps, we will try our hand at margaritas! Will let you know how they go!

With the influx of new products and new devices that promise everything from tighter lips to tighter tummies to tighter everything, it gets a little confusing in the marketplace.

I was originally introduced to NuFACE products from my mom who gave me my first NuFACE mini device. Already familiar with the toning and lifting my NuFACE mini device did, I researched the body device. I’m always crazy about new beauty gadgets. Just ask Reid!

After I had Levi, I knew I needed to do something about my stomach especially, as it had stretched out for the fifth time! I must say, women’s bodies are amazing!

Instead of getting down on myself for having a less than desirable stomach, aka wrinkly with weird lines (Thanks Levi!), I decided I needed to do something about it. Without surgery, I knew that to get the stomach I wanted, required a good diet and exercise as well. 

How do you use the NuBODY?

I use it at night before bed. I even walk around with it because I’m a busy mom. It takes about five minutes after the application of the gel. I use it on my stomach in circular motions just as I do to tone and lift my face with the NuFACE mini or trinity device.

What are some tips for using my NuBODY device?

  • Results you FEEL instantly and SEE over time.
  • NuFACE is known for the instant lift you get with their facial devices. The same is not true for your booty, unfortunately! But after just 1 NuBODY treatment your skin will feel more firm and more energized, and with continued use, you’ll see the improvements over time.
  • You have to use NuBODY to see the results.
  • Like exercise, you have to do the crunches to reap the benefits. And with NuBODY, you have to do your 5-minute treatment 5 days per week to see the results in your target area. (1 stomach = 5 min treatment; 2 arms = 10 minute treatment.)
  • Quick and easy treatment.
  • Don’t target your whole body or you’ll be spending 30-minutes a day with NuBODY and that’s not reasonable for most. Target your arms, stomach, thighs, or butt; not all!  If you’re targeting dimples, you can just hold the device in place while you binge watch your favorite show or multi-task. Add some glides when it feels good, but it doesn’t need to be 10-minutes of movement.

What results have I seen personally?

I have seen my stomach more toned after I use the NuBODY device. See these before/after pictures. I love that I’m actually doing something for myself in the midst of busy mom life. Even if it is 5 minutes a day. Who doesn’t have 5 minutes? If you don’t, there’s a problem! It feels good to get a spa treatment AT HOME. So many times I have scheduling conflicts but would love a much-needed spa treatment. The founders of NuFACE are mothers and I’m grateful for a device that tones my stomach and smoothes the lines right in the comfort of my home.

FYI, there is a promo going on right now. No code needed, 2 free 10 oz gel primers with a NuBODY purchase, a $96 value. No code needed! Get your NuBODY here.

NuBODY // Prep-N-Glow sheets (great for cleansing while traveling) Gel Primer (leave on and hydrating)

The “After” picture. Taken 8 months after I gave birth to Levi. I used the NuBODY once a day in the evening.

Thank you NuFACE for sponsoring this post. All opinions my own!

bikini set (under $70!) // round weave bag // sunglasses // hat similar / deodorant

I’ve been getting a lot of random DM’s on Instagram about what is the best deodorant to use. Most know about the dangers of aluminum in deodorant and want an aluminum free and vegan option! Most deodorants contain chemicals such as zirconium and aluminum that are absorbed into the pores of the skin. Yuk! I remember as a pre-teen, my mom telling me all this information I didn’t understand on the dangers of aluminum. I was smart enough to take her advice and at that time, a bottle of Tom’s of Maine deodorant. I really haven’t looked back other than the fact I have found a couple brands and scents I like more than others.  Now, I use Malin + Goetz deodorant. I was shocked to discover earlier this year, that my 8 year old daughter actually suffers from bad odor! I was never warned what age that would begin, but like most of motherhood, you can plan but in the end you hope for the best. Am I right? I immediately did as my mom did and handed her all natural deodorant and educated her on the dangers of aluminum and the better choices available.

So, you ask, what are the better choices available? I did some research and see my picks below! My daughters both started using deodorant, so you want to bet I’m not giving them anything that will potentially harm them. The options below are 100% aluminum free and first two used regularly but myself and my girls. As for us here in LA, it is currently 84 degrees and only 10am, so our anti-perspirent is in daily use!

It’s your turn, do you have a favorite to share, we haven’t heard of? I’d love to hear.

1. Malin + Goetz Deodorant

2. Pacifica Spray Deodorant

3. Kopari Deoderant

4. Native Cosmetics Deodorant 

5. Schmidt’s Deodorant

I haven’t personally tried The Natural Deodorant Co.but impressive reviews, read it all HERE

Tools: what you’ll need


I’ve been wanting a low impact workout for pregnancy and I think I found it. Hubby some of you may know is a fitness fanatic, so I asked his professional opinion and this was it. I don’t want to have to have a ton of fitness to do after baby, so I’m making attempts to stay active during this pregnancy. I’m actually using this fitness ring as I write this blog post!! I figured its an under $20 Amazon impulse buy that actually works. Read on!

Keeping up a fitness routine is hard no matter what phase of life I’m in. Whether it was in college balancing the books with free time or motherhood and the lack of any solid alone time. I must say though, having some kind of fitness habits while pregnant has got to be the hardest. But, not all hope is lost because now that I’m on my fifth pregnancy, I’ve learned a few things. First, I carry totally different between boys and girls. I held a lot more water with my girls and staying motivated was tough. With the boys (my current pregnancy is a boy), my belly literally just popped out and everything else has stayed pretty much normal, which makes wanting to move a lot easier.

As far as actual exercise and staying active goes, here are some tips for maintaining muscle and cardio endurance while in your third trimester.

  1. If you don’t have resistance bands, I highly recommend them. They are versatile for all body parts—I can do arm curls, tricep extensions, some shoulder lifts, back flies, etc., all with only the bands. The resistance is just enough to give me a slight burn, but not worry about weight, throwing off my balance, pinching a nerve or causing contractions.
  2. For my legs, I use a ring. It’s great for the inner thighs and even strengthens your birthing muscles. Knowing this can help come birth day keeps me motivated while I tone my legs.
  3. For cardio, I stick to walking. Any kind of bouncing makes me nervous. I know some woman run marathons up to nine months, but not me. I’d rather just keep my heart rate up to a healthy pace and then take a rest with a nice glass of water.
  4. Speaking of water—staying hydrated is essential to a healthy pregnancy. Make sure to carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go and don’t let the kids drink all of it.

Anyone else have any fitness tips for pregnancy? I’d love to hear them.

Resistance Bands:

Workout Gear:


Want to make a super simple change to your diet without changing your lifestyle and still benefitting? Drink lemon water. I usually drink a whole lemon every morning (first thing in the morning). Thankfully we have a lemon tree in the back and front of our house, so I usually ask the kids to go pick me some! While you can dilute with water, I personally like the taste so I don’t dilute. I think of it as a natural energy boost before I hit the ground running.

The benefits of lemon water

Boosts the immune system

Contains vitamin C and potassium (more than apples and grapes!)

Taking it first thing in the morning allows you to absorb your vitamins

Relieves indegestion

Great weight loss booster (the Polyphenals in lemons may aid in reducing appetite)

The antioxidents in lemon water decreases wrinkles (HALLELUJAH)

Read more about the benefits of lemon water here

In what ways are you making healthy changes in 2018? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments.

I’m wearing Carbon 38 leggings // Noli bra // Hat Similar

overalls // similar // heels // top similar // bottles from 1907water

How to Get Your Family to Drink More Water

We’re a fairly healthy family – both my husband and I prioritize exercise, eating well, and spending enough time outside, and it’s something we constantly try to instill in our little ones. I think it’s incredibly important to teach children the value of a healthy body and mind, so we do our best to set that example.


One healthy habit we’re always trying to improve though? Water consumption.  


Especially lately as I’ve been reading endless articles with enough water being the answer to so many ailments and issues. Not only is it helpful for digestion and overall body function, but it helps with energy, skin, mood, pretty much everything. It’s simply hard to feel great when you’re dehydrated.


To get us and the kids on a 8-glass-a-day habit (or bottles in our case), we bought the entire family their own water bottles. This is not only eco-friendly (no more plastic bottles throughout the day), but it makes it kinda fun. We all try to drink a bottle before school, and then I’m working on getting the kids in a habit of filling up during the day. We drink another when they get home from school and so on.


The kids like having their own special water bottle, and making it a game of sorts has gotten them to drink more. I personally try to drink a huge glass or one bottle right when I get out of bed in the morning. It’s helpful to wake the metabolism up and get things moving.


To avoid accidents with the kids at night, we usually cut off the water bottle game by about 6 p.m.


Since focusing more on drinking enough water, I’ve honestly felt a difference already. Especially in my skin and energy levels. The kids are feeling good, too. And such an easy change, right?


Are you a good water drinker? What about your kids? How do you make sure you’re drinking enough?

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