5 Things to Consider When Picking out a Couch

by Shalice Noel

Our sectional: Cantoni Versa Grand Sectional // A cute one that is smaller scale HERE

Not sure if you got the news, but we bought a house!! We didn’t go too far from our rental but loving the new space! We’ve been here for 2 weeks and the sectional we saw in a show room in Irvine is now in our living room. Hooray! While this room is still coming together, it is finally looking like more of our interior design preferences. Reid and I discussed below what are some tips to scoring your next couch. I made a mistake once, buying a sectional online. Once it arrived, I didn’t like the scale of it and it was final sale. I was bummed. Don’t make my mistake. If the brand of couch you like has a local showroom, go ahead and visit it. We had a sectional in mind when we visited the Irvine Cantoni showroom but quickly upon seeing it, we changed our minds. Word of advice: see it in person first. It’s a big purchase, so be picky!

  1. Scale – the couch should fit the scale of the room.  Small spaces are great for mid-century modern looks.  Large spaces are great for big, extra sized sectionals.
  2. Firmness – do you want to sink into the couch and take a nap or have a conversation with some one?  A firm couch is much more formal while a slouchy coach is more restful and casual.
  3. Color – Pick a color that will survive the trends.  I suggest a solid and neutral.  A couch is a big investment and should last you years.
  4. Texture –  For large spaces, don’t be afraid of texture.  Thick woven, suede, ribbed or slouchy velvet.  For smaller spaces, pick smaller scale textures with tighter weave.  Velvet is always a good choice if you can stand the dull vs. shiny marks.
  5. Legs –  For smaller spaces it’s good to have long slender legs .  You want to see the floor running below the couch.  For larger spaces you can pick a couch that has a platform or one that meets the floor.  This gives the couch weight in the large space.

Enjoy shopping around!  Here are my go to couch websites at the moment.

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