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A Pop of Red

July 18, 2016

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The fastest way to the biggest impact with the littlest effort? A pop of red. If you hadn’t guessed already from my grams, this color is my secret sauce. Come fall, pair it with wine and don’t forget to layer on the denim. Some people have an immediate antipathy to red, and if this is you, take heart! There are so many shades of red out there now that you’re bound to find something that fits your coloring and/or skin-tone. Don’t write it off! If you still can’t manage it, then go check out the gobs of red accessories out there. Is it cliche to say that red is the new black? Cause it totally is. 


jeans ZARA similar or TOPSHOP fray jeans under $75 / heels STEVE MADDEN (LOW HEEL) / blouse FRANK AND EILEEN / jacket OAK LA / bag CHLOE FAYE via FARFETCH



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