Mother’s Day favorites

by Shalice Noel

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1- I want a cool umbrella for mother’s day! We have the perfect place for it, but no lounge chairs or umbrella. Reid, are you reading this?

2-Blue light glasses never looked so chic.

3- Have you smelled this non toxic candle? It is amazing.

4 – I got this a month ago and haven’t taken it off. I store my credit cards in the little zipper, and lip gloss and cash in the larger pouch. The size is perfect and the chain makes it look like jewelry around my chest.

5 – Modal V neck tee in tan is so chic with wide leg jeans, made in LA.

6 – Such a great book for leading others and gaining business advice.

7 – Dry brushing helps with the appearance of cellulite.

8 – Love these and reviews say they more comfy than they look.

9 – Washable silk pjs, need I say more? They are especially great if you get really hot when you sleep like I do.

10 – If you want that “blowout” look without the price, this is the tool.

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