Our Top 9 Family Must Have Amazon purchases

by Shalice Noel
I don’t know if you’e like me, but I love ordering from Amazon. I really feel like Prime delivery is a gift to mom’s. I can order what my family needs from the comfort of our home, without leaving the house! I order a couple of times a month and below is a sample of what I order and why.
to de-puff my tired under eyes and overall face. I keep it in my freezer.
It aids in sleep, vitamin absorption, and regularity. I took it regularly during my pregnancy and now while breastfeeding.
This blend is highly absorbable!
Okay, it says for kids, but I definitely love these.
Goji berries for our Açai bowls Just eat them out of the bag or use them over frozen yogurt, oatmeal or your favorite açai bowls. Love them!
Pilates ring -I swear by this thing! I try and do a 100 a day placed in between my thighs for a thigh workout that burns. I love that I can do this workout from my laptop computer!
So yummy!
I use this to aid in my milk supply while nursing.
These help with stress management and taste amazing. Win-win.

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