9 Fashion Favorites On Repeat

by Shalice Noel


I’ve been asked to round up my favorite kimonos and what I’ve been wearing on repeat! It’s challenging to dress the bump, so here are some ways I do it simply but with a chic edge. Which are your favorites? As an FYI, follow me on Pinterest, check my shop my Instagrams page and sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss anything. I still can’t believe we are weeks away from meeting baby boy!



1. I love a good maxi skirt and this one from Legoe Heritage

Kimono under $70

More kimono faves! These literally save me in pregnancy as I wear them over maxi dresses and jeans:

2. Tunic 

3. Bella Band!  

4. Something Leopard!

5. Maxi Dress

6.  this Maxi dress is also great

7. $19 leggings

8. These ripped jeans 

9. Skinny jeans

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